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January 9th, 07:56 | Little miss muffet

As a testament to to my laziness, my room is piled up with both clean and dirty clothes. Our Christmas tree is still up. I still haven't done a couple things I wanted to do this week (my psych reading and my don application, namely), I still haven't answered a couple emails from people, and I haven't been doing my yoga. It's irritating me. Blar

On the bright side, I'm actually eating breakfast now, which I think is good? It usually consists of yoghourt + [bread-ism], since that's easily grab-able in the morning, and easy for me to scarf in the quiet since I'm here early this week. Although I like the quiet, I do like that I have more time in the morning on the short weeks to get extra stuff in. The not-getting-home-till seven or eight thing is also getting to me on the long weeks. I must start making it a point to get out for some sunshine. Otherwise I'll go insane.

But. All in all, things are okay. Still feeling the wrhush of the new year on me. Increasingly, have the urge to write in a paper diary (hence the buying of the cutey Kogepan one, methinks) but I mostly blame that on Bridget Jones Syndrome (henceforth referred to as BJS, since I get it a lot.

I wondered briefly if getting myself a pita-style blog mightn't be better for me than a "diary". But. The answer would have to be no, because I'm not all about snazzy linkage, nor do I update that often, even though I don't write that much when I do update. Hmm. And besides, Andrew's a sweetie and lets us do blog-style anyway. What am I on? (And what is this obsession with the "I'll start a new one -- it'll work this time, really it will!!" attitude that I have??)

Something about Roo here. Feel I can't justify him taking up so much mental space and getting brief cameos in here unless I explain why. So I will. ...later.

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