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May 14th, 12:21 | Busting out of this "Tuesday posting" thing...

It amuses me to no end that our kittycat (sadly getting old enough now that I can't reflexively call her a kitten anymore) goes out of her furry little noggin with joy whenever she's in the presence of running water.

It is a normal occurence to have her tromp all over the house in the mornings completely soaked in the tummy and tail areas from lying in the tub (post-shower) to stare at water droplets sliding down the curtain. Similarly, she'll hop up onto the bathroom counter to peer questioningly at water issuing forth from the tap. Perhaps her most devout moments, however, are when she's crouched, peering upwards, ever so hopefully, at the water cooler. She understands (in her own kitty way), its mysteries. Someone presses the lever, and water appears! Not being strong enough to do it herself, however, she occasionally does reach up a paw to try, but mostly sits there, hoping one of us is thirsty.

I've been trying to decide if she was a water elemental in a past life, or if this is a fixation based on some pre-shelter occurence in her life.

It's weirding me out a little to be posting with no pictures (what?? Say it ain't so!) but I don't have any yet. I will soon though. Of what, you ask? Well!

I've finally joined the ranks of internet-having knitters everywhere, and cast on for Grumperina's super-popular Jaywalker socks. For the second one (she says breezily, having completed barely two inches of the first one), I'm thinking I want to try the toe-up version, so we'll see how that goes.

Now, there's nothing particularly exciting about all this. Approximately a zillion people have knit Jaywalkers, most of them over and over (and over), because the pattern's so awesome. (It really is. I know now.)

So no, my late arrival to the party isn't anything to write home about at all, except. Except that these are my first-ever knit socks. Except that the yarn I'm knitting them with is hand-dyed. Except that the yarn is 100% merino (yeah, next time? superwash) hand-dyed by yours truly in her first-ever Kool-Aid dyeing experiment, and for reasons unknown, they didn't turn out a uniform colour, but were all streaky and striated between pale pink, blush, red, (yes, The Boy, and burgundy), even some black. And thus far (you know, in that two inches I've got down so far), it looks awesome. I really hope the colour won't pool.

If Guinness hadn't attacked my project this morning, severing my beautiful, black-cherry-smelling yarn viciously from its sock-in-progress, my life would be quite possibly perfect. As it is, it's perfect tinged with kitty-related grumpiness.

So, yes. Very psyched about the socks. I keep pausing as I knit to feel them, and can't wait to try them on. I suspect however (based on the "progress" with Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts) that I am one of those people who will be infected in a might way with Second Sock Syndrome. So although the first sock will likely be done in the next couple days, it's anyone's guess as to when I'll have a pair.

Anyway, enough about knitting. Have I talked about my nails recently?

So for my birthday, I was given a manicure, which I'd originally thought would have been nice to get before the wedding, but in retrospect, what with the panicking, the broken nail, and the making of corsages, etc. it's probably a good thing they didn't have time for me.

Instead I got it done last Saturday and have been sporting some wicked-awesome purple (not burgundy!) nails for the past two days. (This morning I noticed the presence of the first mini-chip, but I'm not too put out by that. Given my lifestyle, I figured if it didn't chip by today, it would when I played beach volleyball, hit up paddling practice, or ultimate frisbee, later this week. Needless to say, I don't do the nailpolish thing very often.)

I find it funny that the colour actually would have matched the bridesmaids' dresses perfectly, and also that I'm not freaking out anymore about having short nails in a dark colour. (Old, long-standing idiosynchrasy of mine.) More shocking still, I might actually buy myself some polish in this colour because I heart it.

Lo, the next stage of my life reveals itself: re-girlification?

Last book read: Still The One-Minute Meditator, still recommended.

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