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May 1st, 09:56 | Seeing red.

It was something of a fun experience singing the American national anthem in public, especially when joined by about 20,000 other Canadians. (I've known the words since I was 12 or something, from catching bits and pieces on football games (back when my dad and I would actually watch some, before the suckage grew too great), and the rest from looking it up because I had no idea what the story was about.) What made the whole thing funny, however, was that the arena was singing the anthem (fairly well, if I do say so) in response to our own anthem being booed last week in New Jersey.

(So eat it, you New Yorker wannabes. At least we have a little class up here.)

Was that rude? I'm possibly still in a bad mood due to the ridiculous referee-ing (is that a word?) from last night's game. Hopefully not though. I'm trying hard not to focus on the negative sides of the game, although they were striking, just in their magnitude.

The entire arena calling bullshit in response to the first two goals being denied!, and some other non-calls by the slackardly-whistle-blowing refs. The 9-year-old (maybe 11?) behind me who was cursing, despite his mom's admonishments, more than I was (shocking). The Sens-hater next to us whose snide commentry gradually faded as the game wore on. (Who has that kind of money?? If you're going to buy playoff tickets, buy them to see a team you like, jackass.) The ludicrous over-salting of the otherwise-delicious pretzel.

Crazed Sens fan at the game

It was breath-taking to see the whole arena so red with fans, though; I don't think the entire placed ever stopped vibrating after the teams got out on the ice. I think of the awesome power of the crowd, our ability to chant and sing in unison with barely any effort to synchronise. I think of the happy faces around me, as I'm defeaned by The Boy cheering into my ear before sheepishly apologizing, then turning to cheer down at the ice. I remember the way the team seemed to pick up just a little when the crowd cheered them on, and try to think if they can feel all the stomping feet, and tensed up hands through the ice, if they can feel even subconsciously that their fans are right there with them, and that we care, and are wishing them on. Did I mention the deliciousness of the pretzel?

It was an awesome night, well worth the cold and sore-throat I'm now sporting today. Also fun was the slight change-up in the folks we saw the game with. We're normally pretty settled in our small-group hang-outage. I enjoyed mixing it up a bit.

Today I'm soothing my throat with marmalade goo, and huddled in a sweater against Workplace's ubiquitous AC. I'm also worried sick about getting the bridesmaids' shawls done in time for this Saturday (Note to chan, if she's reading this: I'm totally just putting that in for dramatic effect. Really.) as well as all the other things that seem to have piled up for this week. (Seriously, I booked myself a brow-waxing appointment? This week??) And to top it all off, I'm now worried that my concealer won't adequately mask 1 - the mystery bruises on my legs, and any new ones I'm going to develop tomorrow in the season's first dragonboat practice (!!), or 2 - the shiny new cat gouges on my neck. On the plus side, at least we agreed to wear our hair down, so that's something right?

Lastly, my gorgeous, unchipped nails (note: this is unheard of for me), so perfect and unblemished for a week now, are chipped. In a non-reparable fashion. They only had to survive 6 more days! ARGH! (Admittedly, one of those days involves paddling in ice-cold water, and the likelihood of me getting through that without snapping a nail off is slim, let me tell you. Still, we'll see.) After the wedding, between the demands of dragonboat, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball and my day to day clutziness, I think short nails are going to be the norm this summer.

I'll consider it my sacrifice to the sporting gods.

Last book read: Interweave Knits, Spring 2007? What, that counts, doesn't it?

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