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April 24th, 17:31 | Spencer

Updated because, dude! I forgot I can upload pictures now!

So I bought a fish.

There's no reason for it really. I'm a cat owner, I've been known to kill cacti. Honestly, if you're not cute, furry and able to squeak at me like an imperious monkey when hungry, I make no guarantees about remembering to feed you, change your water, etc.

(I mean that. Even if you look like this:)

Spencer, my shiny new male betta

Nonetheless, one of my dreams for over a year now has been to have a big vase with a betta in it (wait, you all know bettas, right?) in the bottom, and an elephant-ear plant (or whatever the hell they're called) in the top.

Over the weekend, at a colossal garage sale, I finally picked up a vase that I deemed worthy. (The requirements were that it be 1-big enough, 2-a pretty shape, and 3-not $30 or equally ludicrous price. The winning vase cost a whopping $2. Have I mentionned lately that I love garage/rummage sales?) Later that afternoon I walked out of a Petsmart with a $4 fish and about $20 worth of fish accessories. (The upshot to this is that if poor Spencer dies, I'll already have all the gear to just buy another one, right?)

Quote from The Boy about the proceedings: So that's all it took for you to finally get the fish? One $2 vase? Jesus. Yeah, I guess so. Now I just need the plant...

Last book read: 1632, by Eric Flint. Hilarious. I may well check out the others in the series.

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