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March 12th, 18:41 | Not dead; busy, lucky and happy

One down, 16 more to go. And then I do the whole thing over. Yes. I have, in a lapse of judgement, it seems, decided that I was ready to take on the now-Editor-of-Interweave Knits Eunny Jang's lace stole which I admit I've been eyeing enviously for awhile now. Don't ask me how that translates into me buying yarn and needles (my first Addis! although I wish the store had had those fancy new lace-specific Addis; these ones really aren't pointy enough) and actually printing out the pattern. Thus far, actually, it hasn't been bad at all, aside from one little freak-out that has more to do with me thinking too much, and nothing to do with pattern difficulty. I suspect, as with all lacework, the monotony might get to me, but thus far (1 down! 16 to go! Then again!) I'm still pretty pumped about it -- and I finally learned the invisible cast-on!

(Although I'll also admit that thus far it looks like sort of a jumbled blue-green mess of loops more than anything else. I'm holding on to that reassuring "it'll all magically transform into beauty when you block it" thing. I mean, it will, right? Right??)

So, there have been many changes afoot, not least of which is that I have been gifted (thanks chan!) with a snazzy comments-allowing membership, and all just for getting older. W00t. You'd think I'd also take advantage of the photo hosting and start illustrating all of my knitting-related ramblage, but, uh, I think I'll hold off on that stuff for now.

So, what's cooking, you ask? I was sick for most of a week, got myself some marshmallow-y-coated horse pills which cleared up the laryngitis nicely, but left me feeling groggy and blugh in time for my birthday, which was still fairly awesome due to going skating, a tasty strawberry pie, surprise cake, and nice thoughts from friends and family (did I mention a diary upgrade??). Later in the week, we banished the kitty to get her front paws declawed and during the two days she was kept at the vet's, I realized how ridiculous it was that in less than two months she's trained me to...

    1 - not mind when she wakes me up at UnGodly O'Clock AM by stomping on my head then purring at me, and
    2 - Feel a little sad and lonely if she doesn't poke her furry little face around the curtain while I'm showering. (On occasion, she'll actually jump up onto the bathtub edge, and sit between the two curtains (the inside one is see-through plastic) and just hang out with you while you shower, occasionally batting at clouds of soap fluff as it gets flung about. Pretty much every time you're done showering, whether she's been spectacting or not, however, she will demand entry into the room, and rocket into the bathtub, despite the water therein, and sit, meditative, and stare at the water droplets dripping slowly down the plastic shower curtain. She's zen, this kitten. Also, crazy.)

Anyway, so after two somewhat pathetic days of The Boy and I whimpering about how much we missed Guinness, we got her back in time for her to injure one of her little velvety tenderized paws, so that the next day, when we had a Ribs Night as a belated party for my birthday, everyone got to see her limping around the house. I was surprised at the dinner when people actually brought me presents (!! For me!), one of which I'd never heard of, but am very much looking forward to perusing.

So, there were ribs, and more ribs, and chocolate fondue, and then a day of relaxing with the Boy. Overall, I've had a pretty good run of nice weekends over the past little while. Enough of them that I've even gotten some reading in. Impressive neh?

And... that's about it. I promise I'll try to write more often (no really, I mean it this time...) as I appear to have fallen off both the blog-writing and picture-taking, and I really should have some form of record-keeping of my life going on, eh?

Last book read: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell (over-rated)

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