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February 16th, 12:40 | No more baby blanket -- FREEDOM!

I am excited.

With the birth last weekend of a friend-couple's new baby, I had good reason to haul ass in the final stretch and finish up the baby blanket I was making them. (Side-note: did you know that that pattern is really just a frou-frou-ed up version of one in Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac? Seriously -- I feel so classic now!) Anyway, it doesn't seem like much in the picture, but having never taken on the knit baby blanket before, and definitely not having done any double-knitting before, it was quite the experience in endurance, let me tell you. I love the new baby Trevor, he's super-cute, but I am unspeakably glad to be rid of that blanket. (The year's third Finished Object, for the record. considering the other two are a head-warmer thing and a tea-cosy I'm not sure how proud I should be of that though.)

What, you might ask yourselves, have I been doing with all my newfound, not-chained-to-the-endless-baby-blanket time? Why knitting of course! I'm (still) making a scarf for a friend who informs me no one has ever knit her a scarf (!), I'm working on a (now) extremely late Christmas present, and, because I have a short attention span, I just cast on for a ribbon-yarn tank top for myself. I'm not too sure about how that will work out (one thing for sure is that it'll need bleaching; it is currently the most hideous shade of Lego green -- damn my inability to not-buy discount yarn) but we'll see. I'm liking the seed stitch look so far.

Thus far, it doesn't sound so exciting. I've replaced knitting one big thing with... knitting many small things. Party. But I'm also doing other stuff! I've started cutting fabric for my Flying Geese patchwork tablecloth! I am mostly done a four-page scrapbook layout about Cat*! I started a pseudo-scrapbook out of the photo album a visiting friend brought us! And I have a zillion other ideas for stuff! to make! Like baked donuts! (This morning; not bad. Dough needed another beat-down/rising.)

Now that I don't have to keep holding myself to the blanket ("you can do all that other stuff AFTER you've finished it...") I am totally allowing myself to just go after whatever craftsy fling my subconscious craves. It's very liberating.

Up next: I've ordered some sock yarn, and am planning my first-ever kool-aid dye experiment. (Yes, I realize that for my first try I maybe shouldn't do self-striping yarn, but whatever. Go hard or go home.) Also: I need to find large flower designs for to embroider on some screens the Boy brought home. So excited.

* Note: I realize we did name the kitten (Guinness), but most of the time I refer to her as "Cat" (mostly said with an !, while pointing at her), "Kittykat", or "FluffNugget". I think all pet owners do this, yes? Anyone? I'm not alone, am I?

Anyway, I'd stay and ramble more but it's the Boy's birthday today (happy birthday!), and I'm busy being all Martha Stewart up in here (couldn't you tell?), so more updates on my over-yarn-ated life at some other point.

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