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January 30th, 22:31 | We got a cat, and I'm yoging again

Having had my yoga class cancelled on me, one might think that I'd take the easy way out, park myself firmly on my ass, and sigh -- so sad -- that the universe was clearly conspiring against me achieving my new year's goals. Not this girl. I instead opted to head out to the trendy (read: twice the price) yoga studio in town and attend (twice in the last three days) classes there.

I feel great.

In part, it's probably just a lesser version of people who get runner's high from hauling ass out to the gym; after all, my normal lifestyle is fairly sedentary. Another part of it though, is finding a place that really is nice, and knowing that it's so close to home! (In fact it's only five minutes faster for me to bus there than to walk, as I discovered after tonight's "Hip intensive hatha" exploration. A little tender still.)

Anyway, so that's all wonderful, and to top it off, shockingly, I seem to be doing okay for my photo-related resolution. I can tell you right now, thought, that I am falling flat on my ass for the scrapbooking one. Or maybe that should be face. I'm not quite certain.

Despite the fact that Guinness, our new kitten (what? I neglected to mention that we adopted a cat? well we did; she's adorable) has been here a little over two weeks, and consequently I have taken 80 billion pictures of her, I really haven't mustered up the gumption to print some of those puppies off and paste 'em into a layout. Is it laziness? Is it being too busy? It's actually me putting priority on my knitting/sewing endeavours, for reasons totally unknown to me. I'm just really into it lately, and I'm sort of riding the high while I'm enjoying it so much. (Although admittedly, it might be that part of why I enjoy the knitting in particular so much is because I can't often get away with it with a cat around the house. I'm still working on teaching her the difference between her yarn ($1 hideous green cotton decoy yarn), and my yarn (anything else).

So, projects in the works. I still want to carve out some time do run myself through The Artist's Way (that's 3 months of conscious effort at poking your own creativity to get it come out and shine), but I'm getting the feeling that that might not happen anytime soon. When don't people say that about their lives though, you know? I feel that since moving here, I've definitely been giving myself more time to just hang out and make stuff (apparently that's what happens when you don't have that many friends in town?), and it's a realy good feeling.

I'm a little disappointed in how little I've been blogging; I seem to be reinforcing that "no news means life's good" aspect of the blog. It's not because I have nothing to bitch about, although to be honest, things are very stable and happy right now. Nonetheless, I'd still like to fork a little of all this creative mojo into my writing, eh? Also, maybe towards scrapbooking...

We'll see how it all works out. I've yet to settle into a routine (still! 6 months in!) so maybe I'll find some time to squeeze it in somewhere.

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