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January 10th, 15:44 | A new year, in which I am nearly defeated by my pants

I'm being held hostage by my pants: a promising start to the new year. (Seriously though, has that ever happened to you? When your previously innocuous-seeming Yoga Pants Of Great Comfort suddenly reveal their drawstring as A Tight And Mighty Fortress-Knot which you have to scrabble to unravel because you really need to go? No, it's just me? Right.)

Despite any, ahem, wardrobe-related mishaps however, I have actually had a pretty good start to the year. Not, obviously as great as if I'd been, oh I don't know, going to the gym daily, or actually printing and editing my novel like I said I would. Nonetheless, still a pretty good beginning. I've straightened out a couple cluttered messes, I have tonnes of ideas for craftsy things to make (for me and for other people) and in my madness actually signed up on Etsy, for reasons still unknown to me. (I may be into the craftsiness, but I'm not into it enough to seriously think about actually selling any of it. That's ridiculous.)

Among other projects that I've been creating for myself, I'm knitting a blanket (Variation 2, the historical recreation if you're wondering) for some friends who are spawning. I've got (according to estimation) about 7 weeks till launch, and am fairly happy and on-track-feeling about the whole thing. It doesn't hurt that the double-knit is very cool, the yarn is super-soft, and the whole thing looks f-ing great. Having started last June, and not waned noticeably at all since then, I think it's safe to say that my obsession with knitting is here to stay.

(What? It's cool. It is!)

Other than that, nothing much of great note has happened this year. All kinds of setting stuff up, preparing, mental gearing-up, lots of plotting, planning. I'm trying to be careful not to allow myself to slide into that phase all year because all planning and no doing? Equals not a whole hell of a lot. But since it's only January, I don't feel bad at all about the way things are going thus far.

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