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December 28th, 11:39 | Too much jewellery? what?

I am fighting a war with my inner packrat. I'm sifting through some boxes which somehow never got unpacked, and happen to hold all my jewellery.

Now before you get to thinking "Jesus, you have a packing crate of jewellery?", I need to explain that I use the term very loosely. There are nice things in there, yes, but there's also plastic and clay accoutrements from grade 3. There are themed Mickey Mouse earrings that I know I'm never *ever* going to wear.

Herein lies the problem. I have a jewellery box I quite like. It's fabric-covered, a good size, very much my style. It can hold (by my standards) a goodly amount of jewellery, and I'd like to amalgamate my 18 or so different receptacles for ornamentation of varying quality into this one box, and basically only keep the stuff I'd actually wear. Sounds practical, eh?

(This is much funnier if you know how often I actually wear jewellery. It probably averages out to about 4 times per year.)

Anyhow, this is where the issue lies. Despite clearing out lots of it when I first packed everything up for the summer move, I still have far too much jewellery I'll never wear. So, what to do? A small part of me is begging that I please keep it, I might use it for scrapbooking, or making a lamp out of, it's so shiny, don't throw it away. Another part is wondering if Goodwill takes jewellery? (For the non-gaudy stuff I just know I won't wear.) Or I should sell it? Give it to... who? What the hell do you do with jewellery you don't want? I mean, yes, the horrible plastic stuff I'll throw out. But the other stuff? Real metal and stone? I feel horribly guilty about throwing it away. It feels wrong, but I don't want to hold onto it anymore. I need very much right now to feel lighter, less encumbered. (More on this in a later blog.)

Thoughts on what to do?

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