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November 5th, 20:57 | Sandwich pimp

So I'm still slogging away at the novel; that's right, I'm still behind (about 4K words), due this week to being retardedly busy, but I'm still hanging in there, shockingly. (I admit freely that a part of me is extra-determined to "win" this year, because I refuse to be out-done by Tinfoil who, to make matters all the more hypocritical, I talked into signing up in the first place. Maybe I just knew that I'd need spite-buddy to cross that line? Who knows.)

My writing, once again, is turning mildly autobiographical when I least expect it; apparently I have some things on my mind that I'm not giving enough conscious stage time to. I'm definitely enjoying the light it's shedding on things I should maybe think about a little more (when I'm less hectic about trying to crank the wordage out), but it's also worrying me a little and making me feel guilty. A lot of it is about the move, and the "desertion" of my parents. Being back home does make me wonder sometimes how much they miss me, and if maybe it was too dramatic a change. I'm not saying I regret moving, because I don't, but... I do wish I weren't so far from my family and friends, I guess.

If I think about that, it's nothing new. I guess I just didn't realize how guilty I was feeling about it. It's not a very good realization, but I am glad I had it. It's good, in my opinion, to be aware of your own opinion of yourself.

On a totally unrelated note, I feel the need to document that the other day I, in the role of Excellent Girlfriend, pimped The Boy's sandwich, when I was making my own sandwich extra-tasty. There's really not all that much else to the story, but really, definitely something I wanted to record. Because it's not often that someone takes something that you've made, and then lovingly pimps it with veggies and suchness. It was a tasty sandwich.

And on that fascinating note, I'm back to my novel. My secret weapon tonight? Is Froot Loops.

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