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November 1st, 11:01 | Apparently I take my writing seriously

Well, the unimaginable has happened: I've started to take my own writing (too) seriously.

Yesterday's concerns about my characters not having Real Names proved to be overblown, as their monikers popped effortlessly into my writing this morning. I'm having a little more difficulty with location names, but isn't that always the way, when you're making them up yourself? I'm thinking of making myself a giant map to put on a wall while I write to keep me "in" my novel world.

With all that positive energy, however, you'd think I'd have managed to crank out more than just a mere 963 words in the 40 minutes I managed to eke out this morning for writing. I feel strangely hampered and worried, the way I usually do when looking at a blank screen, or notebook. I've never had this problem with the WriMo, though, which is why I'm so worried. The WriMo is my one opportunity to write absolutely anything (yes! gibberish!) with impunity, but I find myself trying to think through the plot, to write something meaningful that'll tie in later, and I don't know how yet, because I still don't know what the story is, really.

All in all, I'm either going to need to sit down and do more planning (boo), or let go, loosen up, and learn to write with my normal style (which involves making fun of my story as I write; haven't worked out how to reconcile that with this story though). I'm leaning towards the latter, but... still feeling pretty uptight towards the whole process.

Clearly what I need at this point, is a reality check:

    Self, you are trying to write a book slightly smaller than the first Harry Potter novel, in the space of a month, while holding down a full-time job, and despite having failed on three prior occasions. Relax with the standards already.

We'll see how it goes.

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