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October 31st, 23:33 | Reconciliation with squash : Part One

So tonight I decided to reconcile myself with the (formerly estranged) squash family. I'm still not really talking to Zucchini (just the big occasions really), or heaven forbid, her ugly sister Eggplant, but I figured it was about time I approached one of the sweeter, drier cousins, and tried to make contact. So tonight, I took an extremely sharp knife to Butternut Squash.

First of all, let me tell you: all those people out there who say that it's hard work getting the skin off those things? Are absolutely right. I went into the exercise prepared, for which I'm thankful, because it was quite the task.

Next up, why did no one tell me that that shit tastes just like pumpkin? I mean, the smell and structure kind of set up the foreshadowing, but ugh, I abhor pumpkin (which is really just the vapid, bland, yet mysteriously popular sister of the squash family). It actually wasn't so bad, but I think I should have roasted it longer and hotter -- get some of the mush out, and more of the sweetness to come through.

All in all, I'm extremely nonplussed. It is a lot of work ousting that flesh from the skin; once done, I can see how it could be tasty but... I mean, if we consider the ratio of work to tastiness, a red pepper, just as a for instance, would kick the butternut squash's ass so hard I'd be eating it next week, is all I'm saying.

Maybe I'm being a little hasty in my judgement. Or maybe there's a different kind of squash (maybe that weird round dark green one with the white stripes?) that I'd like better. I don't really know. I'm willing to give them a try but... maybe not for another couple weeks.

In the meantime, I'll sob quietly to Cucumber, The One Squash I Know And Love, about how the WriMo is starting in 20 minutes, but I'm too tired to stay up and write because goddamn was today ever one of those hellish work days that just never seems to end. Not only that, but I haven't had time to be hanging out with my characters -- they're still named "Prince", "King" and "Daughter", etc, in my head, for crying out loud. I need characters with names and personalities for a novel! Panic! I'm completely unprepared for this, and it's totally disheartening -- I even did the cue card exercise, and got a notebook with stickers and everything.

...anyone out there know what I'm talking about? No? Well, it's okay. At this point, I think a warm bed is about all I'm really after anyway. I'm sure my novelling efforts will become magically effortless tomorrow. *cough*

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