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October 13th, 14:06 | Friday the 13th; not a good day for social networking

I am exhausted.

I'm not sure what it is exactly. Is it that my body is suddenly rebelling against the spring mattress and refusing to glean from my sleep-hours the required amount of rest? Is it that I'm not actually surrendering to my subconscious, because I'm worrying (stealth-style) about everything? Is it maybe that working in a big mess, especially with windy, cloudy days has sapped my energy? Who knows. It upsets me to think that my mood is that fragile though. I used to be a cheerful person, didn't I?

This week BC Dan completed his trek from the west coast, out into the middle of the country (hey BC -- Ontario is not "East coast"), and arrived up in the Frozen North only to discover that his landlord, who should have had his ducks in a row on the 5th, was a little behind on the "putting in a floor and painting the joint" front. Luckily for BC Dan, he could stay at our place.


However, I feel super-guilty because our place? While better than it was when a friend's Roadtrip From Regina crew crashed here, it's really not guest-worthy, in my opinion, and I hate having people around when I feel the place is a mess, or dirty, or just... scattered, you know? It just fills me with dread. Also: tiredness. I hate the thought that I've effectively been here over two months, but we're still not unpacked. You know?

It isn't completely fair to say that, however, since we've both been travelling way too much since we moved in, and this weekend is no exception. We're up to the Even Further Frozen North to hang out with the Boy's family, and hopefully fix his dad's harddrive (the hooptiness of which is the cause of much concern, since all their photos are on that thing). I'm looking forward to seeing them all, but, much like the Boy, I am pretty fucking tired of travelling all the time. God, forget mid-30s; I don't ever want one of those consulting jobs that have me jet-setting all over the place. I'll never know how my dad did it. I just want two weekends in a row off.

On a different topic altogether, how do you guys feel about social networking? One of my coworkers was explaining the power of Friendster ("It's what MySpace copied, man!"), and that people who are career-building should really take advantage of these things.

Okay. I am not even for a second going to pretend that I have the kind of ambition, or even clear view of where I want to be, to describe myself as being in a "career-building" stage, but I do think it's an interesting (and useful) tool, if it works. Here's the problem: there's no way I would ever spam everyone I know with a form email that says "Hey all, I just signed up with [Social Networking Interweb Tool Here]! Come join the cult!" to get them to join which, you know, is kind of how the whole thing works. I know I've avoided signing up for Ringo, and a couple other "online addressbok" things that my frosh use; I feel guilty, but honestly? I do not want to be signed up on 18 different networks that I'm never going to check.

(Slight break: does anyone else know what I'm talking about here? Or are you all avid MySpacers who think I need to get with the times? No?)

Anyway, so the reason that this has actually become a topic of some consideration for me is that recently a friend sent me an invitation to LinkedIn, which is marketing itself as the Serious Corporate Usage version of Friendster, and while I know I personally would probably never use it, I do know that 1) she would never spam me with something useless, and 2) she's looking for a job, and this might be one tactic she's using. So I feel a little horrible about not signing up, even with the thought that even if I did, I wouldn't email everyone I know to get them involved too, which is kind of how these things work.

I think I'm just feeling guilty about the whole thing and needed to ramble for a bit, yes?

How are you, internet?

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