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October 4th, 13:45 | I am setting A Hydration Goal for myself

Doing the Run For The Cure, as expected, has motivated me to overhaul my sorry carcass and get it into shape so that next spring, come the Paddling season, I will not only be an acceptable paddler, I will be Fierce And Mighty Like The Dragon. Or something.

That said, I've gotten lofty. I've made goals for myself. On Monday I finally unburied my iPod (shuffle! it's a shuffle chan!) and did a yoga podcast for the first time in months. Yesterday I braved our building's gym-ette, and took on the elliptical trainer.

If I may pause in the loftiness for a second here, I actually have a question about those things. I know they're touted as being "like treadmills only low-impact" and the best thing since sliced bread and all that but honestly? How do you run on those things? I know I'm totally exposing myself as a Gym Newb here, but seriously, those trainers? Have the weirdest feel ever. I get the circular motion of the pedals, that's fine. But am I supposed to be lifting my heels on them, you know, as though I were running? Or should I be doing kind of a weird shuffle where I keep my feet glued to the pedals? And those movable arm sticks? Those are a whole other issue. Not only are they not even at an angle which is comfortable for me, but they also throw my pseud-running completely out of whack. Basically, I ended up doing this weird boppy run while using the stationary arm things for balance. I hope that's acceptable and that the Cooler Gym Kids weren't quietly snickering at me behind their towels. Maybe next time I'll just knock out the chick who was hogging the oldschool treadmill and stick to equipment that doesn't freak me out, even if it does destroy my knees. HA!

Umm, right. So back on the topic of lofty self-betterment, one of the goals I set myself (aside from, ahem, very reasonable cardio, strength training and Consistency Of Gym Visits ones) is about water. My goal is this:

    Drink at least 4 glasses (defined as one (1) mug in our house) of water (or juice) per day.

Now that may not seem like a whole lot to you folks, especially all the ones who are thinking "Isn't the recommended intake 6-8 glasses of water?". It is a lot for me. I am permanently dehydrated, with chapped lips and a nigh-constant thirst. Why don't I just drink more, you ask? I have no idea. I just can't get into the habit. It's the stupidest thing ever, but I'm trying to train myself out of it. Thus far, I'm about halfway through my third mug of water (actual honest-to-god water, not watered-down juice like I drink at home) for the day, but my consumption is slowing down.

That said, it's probably just as well, as I should be heading home about now anyway. It's been a long, drear day, full of unasked-for chores, and the Boy, who will be returning home from Sherbrooke sometime this evening, has promised to feed me ice cream.

Ice cream and knitting to be done; who could stay at work? Oh, and did I mention that NaNoWriMo is open for sign-ups now? Because it totally is! Productivity for November: meet thy enemy.

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