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July 7th, 23:27 | Eating out does not equal eating classy

Uhhhnnnn. So full. I'm not one to turn down good food by any means -- I mean the sheer number of food blogs I read kind of excludes me from the whole "food as a means of survival" camp, really -- but I think it fairly safe to say that holy cats, we ate too much. I would like to point out also, that this is the third time this week that we've eaten out. Witness my family's dinners for the past week:

    Sunday: bbq at aunt's; quite fun, lots of meat. No real salad or veggies, main starch was cake and potato salad. Have I mentioned there was a lot of meat?
    Monday: quick meal post-departure of The Boy; fairly balanced.
    Tuesday: dinner at Ikea. There's nothing like a two-course dinner for $4 in a furniture store. And this was my mom's suggestion, folks. Just for reference.
    Wednesday: Some fairly balanced leftover-y meal that I reheated and scarfed after getting home from dragonboat practice. This was actually a pretty good meal.
    Thursday: Dinner at Congee Queen, a subsidiary of Congee Wong, which is the Chinese food equivalent of Denny's. (Well, with more veggies on the menu.) Again, my mom's choice.
    Friday: Extravagant food at posh downtown restaurant, where I was served melt-in-my-mouth gnocci, and then proceeded to eat my own dessert, and half of my mom's. Mmm...

So that sums up my oh-so-healthy week of dinners, and I had my yearly checkup this morning too. My doctor, she would be proud.

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