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June 16th, 08:32 | No story; thought-jumble

After such a gap, you'd think I'd have some good stories to tell, or at least a fairly lengthy narrative of mundane living, or the first dragonboat race of the season at least, but no; really all I got is a bunch of fairly random thoughts that have been floating through my head for the past week or so.

Thought: Leaning over to FilmGuru during one of the early scenes of X3 (with Prof. X and Magneto) and saying "Dude, who knew Magneto used to go for the pimp look? Seriously, stick a feather in that hat, and you're ready to go!" might have set the wrong tone for the remainder of the movie.

Thought: As I discovered during Ultimate yesterday, the colour purple, or at least the thought "purple" is somehow inextricably linked in my head with "tentacles" and sometimes "squid". Apparently this is unusual. I'm not really sure where it comes from either, or if I should be worried.

Thought: My ability to nap peaceably in the sunshine notwithstanding, if I wake up from a night's sleep in a hot, sunny room, it will inevitably be an awakening from violent, nonsensical dreams. What culture was it that said the sun was a war god?

Thought: Note that this will in no way encourage me to start drawing those east-facing curtains before I go to bed.

Thought: I finished my First Ever Knitting Project Ever. As I am a perfectionist, I could probably list all kinds of flaws with it, however, there are 3 all-important things I must remember about the top: 1 - It fits, even though we all thought it'd be too small, 2 - The arm and neck holes are perfect, not too tight, etc, 3- It looks good. I'm well on my way to finishing the second project, and I'm teetering nicely between being excited about being able to start Something Else Fun That I'll Actually Wear, and wondering where the hell I'll get the yarn for it, since I don't have time to go to garage sales, and going to the LYS is probably uber-expensive.

Thought: I dominate at XBox pingpong. The legalese for this statement would say, however, that I've only played twice, am a button-masher, and still haven't mastered directing the ball to different corners of the table (on purpose). I still managed to win though. w00t?

Thought: Lately, it's been a real struggle to get anywhere, even for things I used to enjoy doing. Prime examples? Ultimate -- like every game, although I kind of had that attitude last summer too; Dragonboat -- you should have seen me the morning of the competition, holy cats. You'd never have believed this was something I signed up for voluntarily, and that, at some point in my life, I'd looked forward to. It's gotten a little better, but still lingers, and I don't like it. I don't want to have to talk myself into doing everything. What happened to my enthusiasm?

Thought: That's not really true; I do have it. After all, I'm knitting semi-regularly aren't, I? There's definitely an internal resistance to sporty activities though, and I don't know why; I always feel great afterwards. I should start yoge-ing again. I'm getting stiffer too, in my stretches; no good can come of that.

Thought: I'm starting to think I'll never actually get to see FilmGuru's short film, the way our scheduling has worked out. This frustrates me.

Thought: Miscellaneous mini-thoughts and details about soon being uprooted. Sometimes they gang up on me and overwhelm me. Today, they are docile, contained in a mental box.

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