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May 13th, 16:41 | It was just a very photogenic day

Today was a day I wish I'd had my camera. Tripping along the boardwalk, late for dragonboat, I passed a whole row of those balanced rock statue things, and the lake itself was all weird and misty today. (This was extra creepy, having just seen Silent Hill last night, and let me tell you, maybe it's just because I've never played the game, but that was three hours of my life that I would like back.)

Driving back through the sketchy east-end of the downtown area, there was a poster for the Heart and Stroke Foundation featuring a kind of cartoony heart looking all sad with the slogan "All I want is just to be loved". You might have had to be there for that one.

There was a wedding in a tiny church, and a whole flock of dyed-haired urchins biking in the sunshine, and the whole of the city covering up the rough edges with trees that are finally decking themselves out in leaves or blossoms.

It was just a very photogenic day.

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