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May 12th, 12:23 | Pomegranate: zombie-berry bane

So, in exciting, indie-flavoured juice news, I've started drinking this bizarre pomegranate-blueberry stuff my mom found at the supermarket. It is shockingly tasty. Kind of a weird cross between fruit punch, cranberry and "misc", that I'm going to have to assume is the taste of pomegranate. (It's been awhile, so I've totally forgotten what pomegranate tastes like.) Thus far, aside from the obvious indie-juice hipster points I'm scoring, one of the biggest bonuses of said juice is that (for once!) I have found a juice that dilutes well.

This all kind of relates back to a day when I was talking to Linlin about hydration and that whole 8 glasses of water a day thing, and I was whining about how I would really like to stay hydrated (because having chapped lips all year round? is very annoying, never mind unattractive) but I can't handle drinking water by itself; even if ice-cold, I can only down about a third of a bottle (that's like... 230mL?). Her suggestion was to dilute juice -- her example was orange juice -- so that way the water would have flavour, but I'd still be consuming vast amounts of said water, without also drinking huge amounts of sugar, etc. Chan, it turns out, also practices this particular method of hydration.

Well. Maybe I'm just pickier than the average gal (hmm... doesn't like the taste of water? nah...) but watered-down orange juice? Is absolutely revolting. Watered-down grapefruit juice is even worse. (It's like all of the bitter, with none of the pleasant tanginess.) I tried watering down the various beverages populating our fridge (although to be fair, I've yet to try diluting milk) and with the exception of pink lemonade, none of them were drinkable once any significant amount of water had been added.


Until my mom brought home a carton of this pomegranate-blueberry stuff, which I only drank (look, it has blueberries -- the zombies of the berry world -- in it, alright?) because she told me it was cranberry, and lo, I Found Ye A Drink That Could Taketh To Water Without Sucking. (And according to the website, it's kosher, too! It's miracle juice!)

So I am currently a happy, relatively well-hydrated camper.

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