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April 17th, 18:22 | End of Lent = muffins

So I feel like everyone came back from the weekend with all these stories about family dinners, and egg-painting and too-much-chocolate-eating, and things and I just have a big jumble of words in my head concerning the whole event. (For the curious, those words would be: muffins, The Boy, meat, game farm, sunshine, naps, muffins, cuddling and great.)

My long weekend was bookended by mini-roadtrips, with lots and lots of time with The Boy in between. (My weekend ended this morning when he handed my ass to me chesstastically. Well. At least I'm not only being beaten by grade 4s, right?)

There was a lot we did, I think? We hung out, looked at apartments, I think I'm getting a better idea of the city is layed out, we went to a bar with a live band who were actually pretty fun, and ran into lots of people I wasn't expecting to see.

I didn't really answer any of the 8 million questions questing around in my head, but in general I'm feeling a lot better about my whole situation (or lack thereof). It was a restful weekend which restored my faith that the universe will take care of me. It was much-needed.

(Is anyone else getting the sense that since dabbling in all that hippie voodoo, I am a lot less interesting? I'd like to reassure everyone that I'm still frivolous and flaky, but I honestly haven't got much to say at the moment. I'm still a ditz at heart though, don't worry.)

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