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March 2nd, 20:30 | scatterbrained

Feeling kind of all over the place tonight, so I'll try to summarize with the thoughts flitting through my head recently:

It doesn't matter how gripping the conversation, these days if I'm in bed while I'm on the phone, I will become sleepy inside of 10 minutes.

That said, eating cake in bed is too decadent, even for me.

I've been thinking more about buying my own domain (for those who have been paying attention, I've been saying that since highschool. That makes it like 8 years now) but am balking a bit at the thought that maybe I won't have any content? Possible content ideas thus far have included:

    Urh, my blog, I guess.

    Samples of voicework (like I even know what that means) on the off-chance that I get hired as a cartoon voice. Unplanned bonus: any of y'all who don't know what I sound like and wonder if I speak as spazztastically as I write could find out.

    My past (failed) NaNoWriMo attempts. I don't know how satisfying it would be to read someone else's crap prose fragments that, by definition, aren't going anywhere in terms of storyline, but mehn. You never know?

    Any non-WriMo stuff I'm writing, I guess. (Currently, this could include one screenplay, one self-help book, one children's story book and like 8 million ideas for comic books.)

    Photos, I guess, depending on whether or not I decide to go for one of those things that has oodles of space and bandwidth and things. I'm not even sure whether I'd need a host or not, at this point.

Clearly I need to give this thing more thought. Still, it's there. And it's more present than it has been in a couple years. (But then, who knows? Give it a couple weeks, and I'll probably forget all about it again. I appear to be goldfish-like in that sense.)

If I'm ever pregnant, and there's a guy involved, he will be charged with Oreo McFlurry runs like 18 times a week because those things? Are like frozen cookie crack.

Last night I played the worst game of pool in my life. And considering my normal game level ("crap"), that's saying something.

I have been feeling super-lazy for about two weeks, and it's starting to annoy me; where's my energy??

...that's about it really. You?

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