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January 8th, 21:58 | Oddly it's not even a sugar high

The year is definitely off to a good start. I've flossed every day since the 3rd -- look, shut up, that's a record for me, okay? -- and I've got pretty much all my people-loose-ends tied up, I'm busy thinking up plans and all sorts of healthy passtimes, while keeping in mind that I actually don't have an infinite amount of time per week, I just bought like $8 worth of stickers for $3 (I love convenience/dollar stores) for my calendar (to track the flossing, yo -- nothing says motivation like grade 2 sticker-based tactics), I finished one of my two non-fiction books for the year, there is absolutely nothing that I really feel I need to do and I'm pretty much just waiting for for work next week to start. After I go to sleep, obviously.

... *fidget* ...

Jesus, someone call me. The restlessness is killing me. Is this what feeling good about the year is supposed to feel like??

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