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November 28th, 21:47 | Choice morsels of wisdom

So, because I'm all about the information sharing, I figured I should also share the following choice morsels of wisdom I have garnered over the course of the night:

    Do not, when tutoring 11-year-olds, wear a tube top, or you will spend the entire session wondering, every single time your tutorling looks at you funny (and in case you've forgotten what 11-year-olds are like, that happens a lot), "Shit! The boobs! Are they escaping?" (As it turned out, no my clothing did contain me, and she was just making faces because The Human Body in all its glory is weird and kind of gross, and we were learning about muscles and skin.)

    Do not assume that just because you remember what snow and rain are, that everyone else in your city will. The first snowfall of the year will always equal panic, as drivers everywhere suddenly forget how to drive just because roads are suddenly white instead of black. Any rain that comes after said snowfall will cause similar confusion as roads are mysteriously transformed from white back to black. Thusly, plan ahead and don't expect your 25-minute commute to actually take 25 minutes.

    If you are going to reward yourself with chocolate which you don't wish to share, do not announce your intentions to the others in your household. (Now don't get me wrong; I'm all for sharing. But the chocolate consumption in this household? Is totally ludicrous. I need to set my parents some strict dietary guidelines because the amount of junkfood they eat? Completely ridiculous.)

It's been an educational night. Can you tell? In other news, I figured out why despite my Weekend Of Vast Sleep-itude I've been so tired this past little while.

Now, everyone knows that sleep is (among other things) a fantastic escape. When you're sleeping, you don't worry, you don't hurt, you don't think. And, as I've mentionned before, I have developped, somewhere over the course of my evolution, the remarkable self-defense mechanism of just making myself "need" sleep anytime there's something bothering me that I don't want to think about. Make sense? Perfectly. Good quality? Hells no.

In this particular case, the Problem To Be Avoided By Sleeping was the approaching deadline for teaching school applications (or at least, I assume that's what it is, since that's the most pressing thing on my mind at the moment; they're due Thursday). Having sat myself down last night to write out the last of the real essays (since I had the rest of them all done up some weeks ago), really, the only thing left for me is to finish printing out some of them, dress them all pretty in folders get the last reference letters from my teamlead (argh! I gave them to him two weeks ago! he hadn't started them yet!) and call up Fedex.

It's weird how even when I know how much better I'll feel about something if I just stop panicking and just do something about it... I can't. It aggravates me, and is definitely the basis of next year's new-year theme.

In the meantime, I wanted to document that I actually got all my shit together (!!!) and things. Now, I just need to get my year at Workplace wrapped up (since the deadline is going to be while I'm away), and find some decent maps and docs for the places we're visiting and... we're go. I can do all that before Friday night, right?

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