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November 21st, 12:52 | Tango shoes

Well, it's nice to know that I can still party like a student (well, kind of; slightly higher-budget than your average student) and that I can, if necessary, down an entire vodka tonic in under a minute -- if there is a lime at the end of it to wash away the taste of rubbing alcohol. Ugh. Like I know he was busy and all, but I asked for a vodka Coke. Yech. But! Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

So my weekend last week started Thursday night immediately after I finished helping my tutorling cram for her Social Studies test. (As a side-note, I would pay reasonable money to see the look of sheer panic on my face when she told me that "just this once" I needed to help her study for her test, and that the topic was the Canadian Government. Seriously; I had no idea how the Senate related to the House of Commons and all that other stuff. Who says you don't learn while tutoring?)

Anyway, so that's when we went to see MirrorMask, followed by a slightly bizarre conversation at Elephant & Castle, that managed to last till 1h30 or so; so I got home a little after two.

Six hours later I was at work, and trying to make plans for Pigeon (note: new naming scheme with flow-chart-info coming sometime soon; "soon" probably translates to "next summer sometime", but I'll see what I can do) and the friends I was responsible for dragging to his send-off party. Said party took place later that night where there was a very weird mix of people I know from Workplace through various intramurals and work, along with a whole mess of people I had never met. (There were about 80 people in all; we overflowed out of the bar onto the patio... and then the patio heater (which I'd been cuddling up to) ran out of propane.)

The night was a success (my muffins didn't poison anyone!) and Pigeon commented that he was glad I'd been such a rabid mingler; apparently the vast majority of his friends are introverts, and he'd been worried that his friend-circles would not InterMix. I informed him that I have been serving that particular role (lilephyte: conversational catalyst) for many, many moons. It worked out well; his highschool friends had all kinds of dirt on him I'd never have gotten out of his coworkers. Super-awesome. Since Pigeon is a musical creature, he and his friends brought out the guitars and we had something like a two-hour singalong on the patio. (This was when the damn thing ran out of fuel.) That was super-fun -- you've never heard such a non-mournful rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" ever.

Anyway, so I got a ride home (feel guilty about that; my ride, also from Workplace, totally didn't have as much fun as he could have -- large parties are not for introverts though, I suppose), got home around 3, crashed and woke up in time to run errands with my dad the next morning.

Saturday was mostly me shuffling around the house nursing my plants, making vague plans with ComicGuru for the alumni ball meet-up for that night, and wondering if I should just scrap the whole novel-writing thing. (Then I had the epiphany, you know, with the bean sprouts, yadda yadda.) I got myself dolled up in my mom's dress (I wish I had a picture; it's the loudest fucking dress you've ever seen without being fluorescent, let me tell you) along with six inches worth of eye-makeup (Chan would have been proud, if she didn't have good taste getting in her way) and hightailed it to 7 West, where I bought 8 dollar cake that was totally not worth it.

The ball was fantastic; totally what I wanted. (Except for above complaint about the 'tender who can't hear the difference between "Coke" and "Tonic". I admit, we alumni are rowdy, but I was yelling in his ear. Jeez.) Ran into everyone who bullied me into going, and even got most of them to dance (although this year, the dancefloor was a mess of broken glass; ugh). About five minutes after getting my coat checked, I lost the guys I'd come with, but ran into PokerFiend (you remember him, right?) which is awesome, because I wasn't sure I was going to get to see him before he left for Australia. So good.

Favourite memory of the ball? (Apart from all the randoms gushing over my mom's dress -- as they should! That dress is older than they are!) Three different people running into me while/soon after "Walking on Sunshine" was playing and saying "That is totally your theme song". I love my university peeps. Must throw a mid-January blahs party or something.

Groggy-hungover (as a sidenote? hangovers feel equivalent to cramps for me these days; I mean, it's nice to not be super-sensitive to noise and light and all, but getting hungover in your uterus? A little weird) but still managed to drag my ass to tai chi, which was nice; my teacher's not too mad, and taught me the beginning of the fan form. I need to start practising, though.

Quick snack and I ran off to Linlin's (which involved running through the Santa Claus parade) because she was hosting a "let's watch the parade" party from her apartment, which overlooked it. Once I got there, everything was great, but let me tell you, I hate that fucking parade. Linlin's friends and I made a scene trying to yell to the parents (from the 9th floor) to pick up their damn garbage, and set good examples for their kids. The mess these people create. Ludicrous.

After that, Chan and her boy (who were also watching the parade, if not yelling at the parents, like some people) came with me, and we wandered around the Annexe a bit, tried to find a power supply for her laptop, and then lined up for Harry Potter On IMAX (totally not worth the IMAX thing, btw; the way they filmed it, you don't get much more out of it than just seeing it on a regular screen). Parentals met up with us later, and a good movie experience was had by all.

It was Sunday night, I got home at 11:30 (my parents and I paused with Chan's parents to hang out; I feel bad, I was so sleepy by that point -- Chan, if your dad asks, I wasn't bored, I was just dead tired!), and that was the earliest I'd gotten home since Thursday. It was awesome to see everyone again, but hi, haven't you guys heard? It's the 21st somehow, already, and I have 37k words to write. I officially reserve the right to be an anti-social bitch for the rest of the month. So shut up and stop distracting me!

(No seriously, I love you guys. This weekend was awesome. I'll call you in December.)

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