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November 19th, 19:28 | Brought to you by my mom's dress -- direct from the 60s!

I am sparkly. More importantly, I am also Back On The Road, as it were, with my novel. Didn't really write much today for it, but I had An Idea, which will allow me to write tonnes (yeah, ha; heard that before, have we?).

My mom was fussing around with some confirmation thing or other with the cruise (get to go to Mexico! in like two weeks! first time ever!) so I was prepping the... bean sprouts? Is that what they're called? White, tube-y sprout-things? Chinese name translates to "tooth vegetable"? Really good in stir-frys? Anyway, so she was doing that, and I just had this internal narration going on, and it started rambling about my book, in the voice of my book's narrator. So meta. I'm totally stealing that and using it. We'll see if it works out well.

Back to the sparkles, which I think I overdid (damn you Victoria's Secret and your sparkleful lotions; unrelated: chan? let's do a VS roadtrip sometime? I have a craving for American Mountain Dew), I won't get much writing done tonight (at least, I don't foresee it), due to the Alumni Ball, which is at the swanky hotel downtown where a girl in our highschool threw her sweet 16 party. (Seriously? This girl's family was loaded. Chan and I were two of the "guests of honour", and had to have special dresses made up and everything. Special, hideous sea-foam-green dresses, I might add. I've been to weddings less elaborate than her party was. Foof.)

I'm looking forward to this ball; I've been neglecting a whole mess of people horribly, and most of them were yelling at me (electronically) to go tonight, so that'll be good. Another bonus? I am totally wearing the dress my aunt made my mom back in the 60s. This dress is bright orange/yellow/blue, and I'd originally wanted to wear it to my graduation, but my mom talked me out of it (in favour of a much more demure kind of white sundress thing). But tonight? Tonight I don The Dress My Mom Can't Believe Actually Fits Me Because, Did I Know?, My Aunt Sewed It For Her Way Back When. Muahahahaha. There's no stopping me now ...

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