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November 17th, 16:37 | So way back in highschool...

You know, it never struck me at the time (reference: "the time" being way back in highschool) that John, one of the students from the Way Out West branch of the highschool, named his, urh, nether bit "Gertrude". At the time, it seemed perfectly fitting to me (as I informed him, when I enlightened him that the name actually meant "spear maiden", which cracked him up). On thinking upon it now though, I do find it a little unsettling that his manhood, as it were, bears (bore?) a female (if somewhat butch) name.

I know the ascribed gender of my own girly bits (see? girly!) has never been in question. And while I haven't named the various bits so much as associated them with a kind of borrowed legend (that sounds... what? kinkier? more egotistical? than it is, really; it's a long story, and I think Jiyuu's the only one who'd understand it), there's no doubt that the Head Girly Bit (note to some of my frosh: that would be the vagina, not the boobs) is most definitely a girl.

...random thoughts on a snowy day that probably mean I should time out for a nap.

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