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November 14th, 00:00 | But Bruce Wayne is still a fucking sociopath

Apparently it is true that if the guy is cute enough, he can get away with anything. Take, for instance, this evening's adventures with a cad who started off by staring down my shirt unabashedly, later moved to ogling the previously-scoped out regions, and then tried to cop a feel, all completely shamelessly. And I'm not even going to get into the pawing at my crotch thing.

The young blackguard in question would be the younger of Chan's two kitties who, and Chan, I'm saying this for your own benefit, needs either some Diversity Training (as they say at Workplace) or possibly the company of a, ahem, feline lady friend. I'm just saying.

It was a good movie night (finally got around to watching Batman Begins -- definitely my favourite of the Batman movies) and I was pretty minimally cat-lergic, as I go. I didn't even tear up once! (P.S. Chan? I was wrong, it was Dylan Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle Into the Night" thing. Apparently I don't know my poetry. Mehn.)

Thus far I've written not a word -- not a word! -- for my novel since Thursday. I should be worried or something, but I can't make myself care. I have only so much energy at the moment, and I'm choosing to aim it at my teaching school applications. (Good God! I'm making a good decision for once!) All told, I'm feeling... not "pretty good" but something akin to that about everything. It'll probably turn out to be denial, but for now, it's getting me through the hard parts. Which is what I need.

I'm unendingly surprised at the universe's conspiracy to protect me, I really am. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend (well, maybe one with more novel-writing, but I'm not about to complain). I seem to be a little worse for wear on the "getting sniffly for no reason front", though. Examples? Yesterday, watching Sleepless in Seattle which, while being a movie I enjoy, has never made me cry; today, watching Sister Act for crying out loud, when the nuns are singing joyously for the first time because it's an awesome feeling of liberation; some point yesterday listening to some long-buried song; it goes on. It's a little random, this unbidden emo-ness.

I'm far from unstable though. So all you people who I've told I'm alright? I wasn't lying, don't worry. I'm wobbly, but okay. Thank you.

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