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November 11th, 23:44 | Something inside the cards I know is right

Well, I'm single again. Folks, let this be a lesson to you: never suggest or attempt a 50s-themed date.

Actually that aspect went pretty well considering we were, you know, 50 years after the fact. We took it to A Whole 'Nother Level, yo. I always find it weird that people assume you need an occasion to dress up. Then again, the rest of the world has always found it weird that I don't need one. Mehn.

Feeling too selfish and panicky to write about all the good things that I want to remember (lest we forget?). Right now I just want to half hang on to them, half curl up somewhere and just black out and remember what it was like to have someone love me. Really, actually love me.

I got the very-rare gift of non-rose flowers, which has made me realize that all that hard-earned experience with flower arranging? Has completely diffused out of my system (that or I can't set up a vase under duress, but I don't believe that; putting together arrangements the day of the wedding during prom season is duress, yo). It's not bad -- after all, it's pretty hard to make bright, cheerful flowers look like crap. I just, you know, used to be able to show them off better.

Visiting what has to be the only rollerrink in the region was... educational. Firstly, those oldschool rollerskates? Are very dainty-looking, but are super-hard to actually skate around in. Secondly, when did it become cool for 12-year-olds to hang around a rollerrink showing off their moves to crappy hip-pop? Thirdly, I miss skating (like for real, with-ice skating). A lot. I'll need to find somewhere around here to practice, so I won't suck as much. One day I'll be able to skate backwards respectably, damnit.


At some point, I'll relax enough to loosen my clutch on all the half-dreams and half-made plans, and all that other stuff that makes for ragged edges, and write about it. In the meantime, you get to settle for details about my flower-arranging abilities.

It's been a long week. Sleep for me.

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