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November 7th, 12:24 | I need a tapestry, damnit, not a logo!

Alright, the close of the first novel-writing weekend and I'm at 7500 words. Not bad, considering my normal track record; not great either, though.

While everything I said still holds true (I am excited!), I realized, while babbling cheerfully at my dad about how proud I was of being somewhat on-track quantity-wise, my plot, while pretty good, and develop-able, isn't going to motor me through another 42000 words. Clearly, what I need here is more threads. (Yeah, that murderous mother and neurotic muffin-baker I'd so hastily dismissed? Might be making a comeback.)

Thoughts? Anyone? Really, I'm not picky, and fairly shameless. SUBMIT YOUR PLOT IDEAS, PUNY HUMAN! (Note: if you don't get that, look here.)

Help? Anyone? Bueller?

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