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November 2nd, 16:20 | Stolen meme

Felt like writing something, but I'm also feeling drained. So, I'll answer questions no one would ever really ask.

1. Last thing you ate

The beef sandwich (on my own hand-made multi-grain bread!) that I'm still eating. This is the sandwich my dad made for me for dinner last night (to be eaten while we rush from my tutoring at the library to curling (shut up, okay? it's cool)). It's hippie food, but tasty.

2. Most frequent phrase this week

A bit early to tell, but probably "[whatever] can eat my ass" or something similar.

3. Latest secret guilty pleasure

Probably just day-dreaming. That or Oreos, since my parents bought me a box a couple weeks ago. My God, that stuff in the middle is made of CRACK, I tell you.

4. Biggest current desire

To get into UOttawa's teaching program with the "we deem that you can teach in French too" option. That, or getting rid of my Inner Sissy. Or hey, both.

5. Today you...

Had a long fucking day, but felt a lot better about a number of things. About talking to Jiyuu on a semi-normal basis again, and about the lushness of my plants. About the fact that I am, actually, competent, and that I've written about 1800 words for the novel so far, despite my panic. About convincing my dad to sign up for the 'wrimo (he's doing a space/sci-fi one; mine is, uh, miscellaneous) and about a number of things I've gotten straightened out in my head recently. (The most prominent being a reminder (courtesy of a friend's dad) that it's easier to pretend to be in love than to face being alone.)

6. Current favourite TV shows

I don't watch tv; we've been over this. If I had to, though, I'd want to see either CSI: Vegas, Stargate SG1 or Lost.

7. Favourite relaxer

Sleep, telling the world to fuck off and taking a bath for three hours (usually accompanied by children's literature), any reading, really.

8. Looking forward to

Massage tomorrow, and hopefully Ladies' Night (although there was no magician last time!), the weekend and some down-time with my dad, last Ultimate game of the season, and going indoor rock-climbing sometime soon.

9. Favourite simple pleasures

Baths, sleep, naps in the sunshine, talking to my plants, crystal ginger, the way my comforter is fluffy around me, the 18 fleece throw blankets on my bed, yummy-smelling anything, hugs.

10. Today I was grateful for

Silence, when I get it, leftovers, clarity, people who reach out.

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