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September 26th, 10:46 | I shall miss my night-owl life

Another change. I've started eating breakfast on a semi-normal basis. While technically this is not a big change, since I used to grab a handful of dried cereal, half of a bakery-bun-thing, a slice of bread, or whatever, as I ran -- late again, fuck! -- out the door, but I've been transitioning for a little while now. Instead of the handful, I eat bowls of cereal. Slices of bread evolved into pb&j or peanut butter bagels. The instance of oatmeal consumption has been fairly steady in its rise. I think it's fairly safe to say that usually I eat "real" breakfasts.

That's not all that alarming though. My shifts for the past two weeks started a little later, leaving me more time for morning snacketiness anyway. No, what's really signifying the change for me is that I really feel the need for breakfast these days.

Workplace is really big on trying to make sure their employees are healthy, so there are 8 million intranet websites about "working out at home" ideas and all kinds of nutritional advice. All of them, and all the other literature I've read concur with common sense in saying that the body needs a solid breakfast to start itself off in the morning. But hitherto, I'd never heeded that because, hey, up until recently my body didn't need it. It actually made me nauseous to eat too much too early in the morning.

I'm thinking that this is a sign that I've biologically completed the transition from Night Owl to Corporate-Hours-Person. I can stay up till about 1 with no problems (usually reading, or idly playing with ideas and layouts), but gone (it seems) are the days when my brain would wake up (I mean really wake up) around 9pm say "I want to DO something!" and fuel me through working till about 4am. Now I wake up at 7 or so, stumble through basic grooming, have my brain yell at me that, hi? working girl here, require sustenance, and then spend the normal solar-powered day awake. (Maybe this is why Workplace has seemed more of a drag lately? Because I'm more aware of it?)

I'm trying to see this shift as a good thing, but it is hard, hard, hard.

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