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July 30th, 09:39 | Twang, twang, twang...

How exactly does one run out of milk and peanut butter at the same time? Honestly. My parents are responsible adults (who, admittedly, do not consume very much of either of the above consumables, but still) yet this situation has somehow befallen our home. Crisis!

In other news, possibly also classifiable as crisis, I have started listening to Country Music.

For those of you new to the lile-scene, my tastes in music generally run along the "harder is better" lines, with a healthy dose of electronic thrown in for good measure. I do have a soft spot for "garage rock" (e.g. old Weezer) and generally keep crappy pop on hand so I have something to dance to... but in general, yes. Hard + electronic.

So why have the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain somehow found their way onto my harddrive? How have I never known before how cool Johnny Cash is? (Reba McEntire also made a brief forray there, but was soon ousted. I may be listening to country, but I'm listening to peppy country, damnit.) I'm honestly not too sure. I was reading something about country, and how most people found it easier to relate to due to, ah, lyrical straight-forwardness, and decided to check some out, and just kept going, I guess. I like the twangy enthusiasm of the peppy songs. I like the sassy girl-lyrics that these midwestern gals churn out. I like the way I can learn the lyrics by the second time I listen. I just... was in the mood for Country?

Last night I loaded up my mp3 player for the impending trip to New York (Manhattanites, beware!) and it consisted entirely of country (or what I call "popcountry", since I'm sure what I listen to isn't "real" country) and Bowling For Soup. But... since BFS is also from Texas... does that make them the Country band of PunkPop? I'm so confused about this.

I don't know. I don't know! I assume this is just a phase I'll go through; it's not like I like all country music. My sister was trying to sell me on Kenny Chesney and, really, I don't care how hot he is, it doesn't justify the mopiness or -- worse -- the cheese. Ye gods, I can *not* get through one of his songs, it's just too much.

So, yeah. We're hoping this'll all just blow over. Just a phase. ...right?

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