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July 6th, 09:10 | My internal alarm clock is ticking...

Well, I guess the upshot of your body waking you up every goddamned morning at 5:52am (it's true folks; my clock stares 6:01 at me every morning when I groggily turn over to check that I haven't slept through a power outage or something)is that you get to see the awesome sunrise (or a bleary, sleep-smeared version of the awesome sunrise anyway) as you lift your head off your pillow (mmm... east-facing windows) just long enough to shift the blankets properly so you can turn back over towards the wall and go back to sleep.

(Heh. Run-on much? I swear I made my highschool Extended Essay supervisor cry with some of my sentences (let alone my refusal to take her suggestions about the content of the essay). I remember there was one paragraph that consisted of only two sentences. Oh highschool.)

In all seriousness though, I have no idea why my body does this. It's not like I get enough sleep; these days I usually haul ass into bed around midnight. Why, then, is my internal alarm clock not trying to oust me at 7 or 8? I chalk it up to the paranoia a year of waking up at 7 on Saturdays has instilled in me. Now my body just never knows when it gets to relax, so it just never does. Hm.

Speaking of relaxation, I went to my first summer yoga class last night. This is the course I've signed up for with my cousin (whose birthday was also last night -- happy birthday Tze!). Now, she'd never tried yoga, and I recommended this class to her pretty much solely on its cheapness ($61 (CANADIAN) for 12 weeks? Come on.) and its instructor (Elena, who rocks the yoga-teaching casbah). The price has not changed (much love to my hometown). The instructor, however, my beloved instructor that I've been looking forward to for months? She's in India (good for her) and... has been replaced by a blonde, props-obsessed Iyengar follower (which is fine -- he systemized yoga; I just dislike the reliance on props) who has rubbed me completely the wrong way thus far.

I'm trying to be nice about it. Since I was a keener and signed myself up for both the beginner and the intermediate classes, I'm now bound to spend 3 hours a week with this woman. She's enthusiastic, and keen to learn what we, as a class under Elena, are used to. I'm trying not to poison my own mind against her.

(...but seriously? Grrr. She can't ask for suggestions while talking down to the class. Guess I'll just sign up for the Fall intermediate course, when Elena will be back.)

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