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May 16th, 10:05 | Not only am I not dead, but I'm apparently a girl

Well, it's happened at last: I've joined the ranks of Girls Who Have PMS. After years of resisting (or maybe I just mean denial?), I finally have to admit that, hey, it's true. Why am I suddenly convinced of my girl-cycle normalcy? Let's check out this choice episode from the pertinent week of my life:

On my day off, I spent the day wandering around in the sunshine, grocery shopping, preparing beef wellington for my dad and looking forward to seeing HitchHiker's Guide with him later that night. I spent the whole day in a happy mood, and when my dad came home completely exhausted, I was only a little disappointed about missing the movie; after all, we could go some other day. Fast forward two hours later to lilephyte curled up in bed sobbing because no one loves her, because she went to all this effort to make a dinner that had turned out to be crushingly mediocre, and had to clean it up all by herself (although she didn't blame her dad because he was sick), and she didn't even get to see her movie, and wah, wah, wah...

The strangest part is that throughout the haze of misery, I knew nothing was bothering me. I'd be sitting there crying and feeling sad and knowing that the only reason for it was hormones. So. Weird.

So, alright. I admit that I'm not at the phase where I cry over long-distance phone ads or, you know, write country songs about my mom or anything, but this is definitely a strange new world. I don't think I like it. It's a weird feeling of not being in control, knowing it, and not being able to do a goddamned thing. Not a fan.

In other news, the girls from my orientation at WorkPlace (I shall call them my Ori-O-Girls! ...no, probably not) are trying to schedule the next Girly Dinner and Movie Night (GDaMN) (the dinner's going to be at the restaurant of one of the girls' uncles) and the movie they've chosen is this one. Why are we going? Is it for the sometimes-credited-as-lucious Mr. Pitt? Hells no. All five of us who made the decision are going for the hotness that is Ms Jolie. *sigh* This will be the first movie we see on a GDaMN that I'm not horrified to be seeing in a theatre. I'm completely stoked.

Also stoked about this Friday. I think I've given up on the Formal Night-Out idea, or even the Thrown Party. I could say that I'm more laid-back, that I like the more casual, impromptu atmosphere of relaxed pub-lounging but really, it's just that I'm too lazy to go through the hoops for the other two. And it's so true. I make an exception for costume parties, but only because I've been to so few of them. In fact, as soon as I have my own place, I am totally throwing one. With masks and hors d'oeuvres and everything.


This just in because I'm a horrible person, but it cracks me up, especially given that I was just reading Linlin's rant about how she can't check her gmail in Shanghai. Oh, Linlin, I'm sure China's beautiful, and I totally want to visit one day, but I don't really appreciate how much we take for granted out here without your rants.

(Bwahahaha! Sorry. I'm done now.)

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