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April 18th, 17:14 | Who says I only steal music?

Today has been the single best day for Launchcast I have ever experienced. It might just be that I'm in a better-than-average mood while listening. I don't know what it is. But I love it. Highlights of today's listening experience? (In no particular order, of course.)

Guns 'n' Roses -- Knockin' on Heaven's Door

    This one plunges me into two completely separate memories of grade seven (at which point I was still a complete show tunes geek; if it wasn't performed on Broadway or in London at some point, I didn't know it). The first is working on a project on the Mississippi with Chloe at her house. Chloe was the very nice girl, with long, long straight hair, who everyone got along with, and who was much cooler than anyone suspected (mostly because she was so nice). As soon as guys realized that they wanted into someone's pants, they would want into hers. She'd asked if it was okay if she put music on, obviously I'd agreed, and she'd put on the GnR. I don't remember much else on the cd, but this one stuck because she was singing along so happily.

    The second memory is later that year, when I was alphabetically paired up with one of the cool girls of lesser-mean-ness on a bus ride somewhere. She took pity on me on the ride (me not being cool enough to have brought music since back then, much like the fabled Anne-with-an-'e', my imagination was more than enough to keep me busy for the hour or whatever-length the ride was) and shared her earphones. She asked me if I liked the band, to which I'd replied that I hadn't heard any, until that song came on. "You must know this one!" she'd insisted and I'd been frantically trying to remember the name of it... but alas, failed.

Aaliyah -- Back and Forth

    I don't even remember what year this was. Sometime in highschool I think (grade 9 maybe?), but the song calls to mind the small clique of (older) girls who would sing R&B/pop tracks in the halls and dance to them in the halls. I remember really liking the song, and it being one of the first music videos I ever saw. More generic happy, fuzzy, gradeschool memories. You know.

Weezer -- Tired of Sex

    This one is obviously linked to MusicianEx. Memories of annoying our hall monitor/chem teacher by sitting in the halls, backs to the lockers, feet stretched out nearly to the other side of the hall, him strumming his electric guitar (tangent memory of Vanessa snidely commenting that they sounded much better when plugged into amps...) and a group of us singing Weezer songs, of stomping on errant Corn Pops (he kept a box in his locker for between classes; I don't understand it either), and of the annoyance of his best friend everytime he would sing the line "Wednesday night I'm making Catherine..." It was a happy, garage-rock-y time.

Chemical Brothers -- Under the Influence

    This one calls to mind one of the frantic days at work, back when we were all together. The guy-guys were busy trying to settle one situation, our guru-in-training was holed up in his corner dealing with mass confusion and too much stress, since our teamlead and the server team had disappeared, and I was the only girl working, and therefore thriving on a steady stream of more email than I could handle. I'd gone with Chemical Brothers to drown out distractions and keep me pumped, and out of nowhere, one of my coworkers threw my own plush lobster in front of me to get my attention. We stopped for a game, and snackety food and some stupid joke I can't remember anymore that had everyone near tears for ten minutes.

Moby -- Honey

    I need to buy Play. Seriously. There are no tracks I dislike on that album, and most of them are just so much fun. I love the way that even though you know he's singing in English, you still can't figure out a single bloody word. You can't ask for better study music than that. Or "bopping around the house spring cleaning" music.

Good Charlotte -- Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

    The don on the floor below me last year was Old And Mature. He was 27, in his last year of his law degree. Most of the time, we giddy undergrad dons had no idea what to talk with him about. I came down once to a team meeting, still singing a Good Charlotte song I had stuck in my head, and he was the only one there at the time, and we'd gotten into a discussion about the band, the validity of Girls and Boys and by the time the others dons on our team showed up en masse, there was the two of us, me sat on the table, messy-haired, and him air-guitaring and falsettoing his way gallantly through Lifestyles. It was good times.

Rancid -- Ruby Soho

    I'd always been under the impression that Rancid fit under my classification of "angry punk" (honestly, no idea where I got that) until FormerlyTheBoy sang the praises of And Out Come the Wolves to the point where I decided to give it a listen. It took a couple tries through, but I do love that cd now, definitely one of my favourite non-pop punk choices.

    The song reminds me of vague images of FormerlyTheBoy that are completely unrelated to the song; walking down the street singing songs together, him driving listening to other tracks off this cd in his car with his best friend, sitting on his floor watching his friends ignore his carefully-chosen punk tracks as they talk and tease each other, bandishing bottles in their hands. This one's quiet and wistful. Very shy.

Ludacris -- Stand Up

    Dancing with one of the dons last year in her room after her literally showering me in the new pants she'd bought that day ("Look L! Pants!!), watching Save the Last Dance with my froshlings and frantically looking up hip-hop dance classes with them as soon as the credits started rolling.

Oh music. So mysterious, moody. How I love you.

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