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April 15th, 20:34 | And the best part is I don't even have to make this stuff up

So in other news, I'm illegitimate.

My aunt, back in Scotland, has been mapping the family's geneology for years now. Last time we hung out (last August) she'd told us she was up to three generations ago and had figured out that somewhere in there (I think on my grandma's side) we've got Huguenot blood in us. More recently, she's figured out that her great-grandfather was a bigamist... and that our line came from his second marriage. Scandal!

So, all you guys and gals out there who met me and thought I was trash, I guess this means you were right. After all, my great-great-grandfather just up and married a whole other woman in the midst of his first marriage and lo, the fruits of his loins were many. And now, many a fruit later, there's me, chronicling it all for the world to see.

Anyway. That's a fun little tidbit and all, but what makes the whole thing infinitely cooler is that one of the cousins from the legitimate line of this sketchy grandpa from my past moved to Florida some time past, and actually lives pretty close to Orlando, which we're all visiting in June anyway -- so we're going to hook up (nothing new for my aunt; she's met up folks from Australia, Norway, obviously everywhere in the UK) and we're going to hang out.

I'm amazed by my aunt's energy. I was already looking forward to seeing her, my uncle (who lambasted me once for not knowing who Michael Caine was) and my cousins, along with hopefully checking out the Everglades. The random cousin thing is just the kind of detail that makes it extra cool!

(You'll notice how I'm saying nothing about the irony of this legitimate cousin being the one in Florida, land of (from my perspective) trash while we, the bastard fruits of his great-grandfather are hailing from such prim, frozen lands. Oh, I love my life.)

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