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March 9th, 12:08 | And I know this isn't a "for good" thing...

Alright, I know I've been ass about keeping this up (although I can think of some people who probably deserve a metaphorical kick in the pants more than I do -- if I were the type of person to nag about updating one's blog, that is) but I've been feeling super-introverted and be-shelled lately. Working without a safety net will do that to you. Or me, anyway.

It was a time thing. Summer was rough, and then I got back into the corporate whore student gig, which provided me with enough distraction that it didn't matter for a little while. Once the routine started making sense, I had the time to look around and notice the lack of other people. I can't really exist without being around people who know me. It was just a matter of time before I got worn down to the point where I wasn't going to be me unless something changed. (That was at least part of the motivation for running away to BC for a week, and I'm still glad I did it. Amongst other things, it reminded me that it is possible for me to wash my hair and shower in under 8 minutes.) Now that I'm back, that the end of my classes and all that shite is in sight, and I have a better idea of what I need/want to build for myself, I can feel myself waking up again.

(This is where you, the gentle reader, get to conjure up images of molten mercury kind of all flowing together, T2-style, except with happy, Care-Bear-y overtones. Because it's good when I'm me, damnit.)

Been trying to take better care of myself, at least physically. I'm shocked to find that I'm actually succeeding, but then again, that's all the easy stuff. Once I manage to start running regularly or something, we'll see how strong my willpower is.

This is veering dangerously close to the "lame attempt at catch-up"-style of entry that I really don't want to get into. Maybe I'll post movie reviews later. I kept meaning to do that, but I'm so lazy. (Just a refresher. You know, in case you forgot. I'm lazy.)

I'm starting to think about the crafts-y things I want to do again -- and so's my mom, which is a little weird. She usually just does stuff, without thinking about it as a project. She's now a member of Lewiscraft though, which cracks me up. My mom's all about the on-sale wool.

Finally bought some decent lye, so as soon as I swing by the butcher for some more fat, and buy myself a pot to destroy, I can start making myself soap (YES!) and I also picked up a pattern booklet for crochet-able clothes. No, I don't know, nor have I ever known how to crochet. My mom, however, knows all that kind of stuff, and said she'll teach me. So hopefully I'll have a nifty-looking crochet top sometime before summer ends. Realistically, it won't happen, but hey, you never know.

I've also got more ideas for the photo-book-thing I wanted to make for my parents about the new place. Considering they're looking for somewhere else to move to again, that seems like a good idea right now.

It feels really good to feel like me again.

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