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February 21st, 22:24 | It's the new year alright...

Jesus, is it already the 21st? Where the fuck is the year going? Whoa.

So I'm sitting here, frecklier and straight-haired after my haircut. (I love the way the stylists don't even ask; they'll just assume I want my hair blow-dried straight. It's a reasonable assumption -- it gives me a nice break from my oh-so-stylish "steel wool on spring break" hair that I normally have.) I've spent most of the night drawing up tentative four-year course plans for my baby cousin (who just got into his highschool of choice) and prettifying my mom's resume. I realize these people can do it themselves, but hey, what the hell else was I going to do?

I feel fidgety and in need of being wrapped up. The Boy isn't the only one who wants to be taken care of sometimes.

Right. Lifestyle change. There's a lot of things I can credit the spur to change to, but it's much funner to write out the small details that made me realize them. Ready? Go stupidly detailed random thought processes! Go, go, go!

Orange version of this Ikea clock in the shower made me realize not only that it is possible for me to wash my hair and shower in under 10 minutes (without going at a frenetic half-time pace) but also hammered home the thought that usually I take sometime like 20- or 25-minute showers. Ridiculous. How much of my life was being spent simply standing in the water. So that's got to go.

All the hiking and the walking have reminded me how awesome it feels to get off my ass more often, and more importantly, how much more sociable you feel when you get your alone time at the same time that you're out running amok. I bought myself a hipscarf finally (well, mine's black) and, uh, test-drove it for real for the first time this morning. I can't wait till I'm good. I miss dancing. I want my own place if only so I can dance anytime I want. I miss our basement.

The food. I want to change the way I eat. Well, no, I like the way I eat. Despite what everyone says, the grazing works for me, and it keeps my mood relatively even throughout the day, because my sugar is kept constant (warning sign : am I diabetic? must lay off those cinnamon hearts) but I want to change what I eat.

That's most of it. I want to feel like I'm actually getting stuff done with my day. That I'm actually getting somewhere. But now I'm so tired; my thoughts are kind of degenerating into completely random shambles. So bed for me.

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