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January 7th, 00:27 | holy fuck, do you realize it's 2005??

So the high point of my day today was my visit to the dentist.

I feel that that deserved its own paragraph just to fully underline the sadness of the statement. Accentuate it's pathetic singletude, if you will. Because not only was a dental appointment the bright point in my day, but it was also pretty much the first thing I did, after waking up. (Unless you count driving through hail-ey streets which, I have to admit, was also pretty fun. I like the way hail poing!s off the windscreen as you drive.)

Anyway, it was cool. They're super-friendly, if a little formal (then again, it was my first visit) and for the first time ever, I actually had all the crap they diagnosed explained and justified to me. Fantastic. Not so fantastic is that I'm going to need to pay for it (or, well, pay for 20% of it), but hey, at least I'm happy with my service provider.

Chan, it may interest you to know that Workplace has apparently outsourced at least part of HR. None of us saw it coming. Lately they're showing a somewhat scary face with this "pull nasty tricks that creep up and affect employees hugely" trend. The worst is that management doesn't seem to see fit to tell us underlings till the last possible minute. More evidence of this? My manager. Argh.

Other than go over the details of my dental plan, I spent most of the day at work reading the new year's eve account of one of my friends (complete with videos of the madness) and looking through old pictures of life in our last year at the U. It was an afternoon fraught with nostalgia. Not the bad kind though. At least, I don't think it was. I'm surprised by how little resentment I hold towards anyone that really bothered me around April or May. Is it forgiveness if you just stop caring? Mehn.

Looking at formal pictures of Previously theBoy and I was strange. A little sad, but mostly a weird stilled feeling of... awe? Not really sure what the right word is. I know I'm glad that we were, that we had those pictures, that I can smile at the warm thoughts and remember the good things. There's definitely sadness, but still... a kind of wonder. Like, Wow. That really happened. We were really happy, things really were great.. It's a weird feeling. I'm fairly certain my explanation isn't making much sense, though. Kind of like instead of regret, I have wistful sadness that things are... less happy now, but at the same time, I don't really wish they were that way again now. Rather, I am hopeful because once they were. It is possible. And I have proof.

Still disoriented from the million ideas and goals and plans that are waltzing about like so many dust-bunnies in my head. I'm trying hard not to squelch them with "one at a time"-esque thoughts, and so far I think I'm doing okay. (I can't think of anything else that would prompt me to decide on impulse to pick tonight to re-install Windows on my mom's machine which has no cd drive. Ye gods. That one's a project for Saturday.) Ahem, yeah. I know. My aspirations just have no bounds, eh?

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