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I need to preface this by saying that I never knew who Mandy Moore was until I watched this movie. I think my Pop_Culture points just went up 10.

Okay, the movie. I give it 6.7 out of 9. That said, it's a chickflick. It's a feel-good, heart-warming, fairly sappy chickflick where you see everything coming a mile away. But it gets away with it. Because you want to see things turn out right. Because Macaulay Caulkin is really fun in this movie (and his hair in the closing scene? mrrrowr). Because Mandy Moore is the anti-Hillary Duff and opts to play the bitch in this movie instead of the so-pure, so-bland, all-American girl. Because even though it's a gentle satire (anyone who tells you it's pointed or sharp has clearly never seen real satire) of Christian Youth, they're happy, and energetic, and normal. Because Patrick Fugit is so much awesomer in this movie than in Almost Famous (which I hate, btw). Because somehow, even though it's got the same message as Dogma but none of the brutal sarcasm or Alan Rickman, it's not as preachy.

The dialogue is alright. There's some lines that crack me up, and if you watch the dvd, the bloopers are awesome. I wouldn't buy it, but it's totally cute.

Oh, and Eva Amurri? Totally underappreciated as an actress. Her face is way expressive. That's all.

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