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December 30th, 10:36 | A laundry-list of neither goals nor resolutions

Okay, so I feel bad about not really writing out any of what I'm thinking about lately, but I know I don't have the attention span to actually write stuff out in any detail. (How do I know this, you ask? I just had an (extremely refreshing, btw) 8-minute nap here, at my desk. And oh, how I needed it. Oddly, I've no idea why I'm so tired.) So instead, because I don't want to not-document anything at all, I'll put down all the ideas I've had over the past week or so for things I really want to try to do. Or at least things I think would be really awesome if I did get them done.

    Read more. I've actually been pretty good about that lately; I've been tearing through the Sandman comics, the Artemis Fowl series, and miscellaneous books on the side. I've also got some books with interviews with Stephen King, and the book my parents gave me as a present, which looks to be not as dull a read as I'd worried.

    Get back into the craftsies. I started learning to sew/draft patterns because I hate shopping -- I wanted the ability to make my own clothes. Having got the basics, however, I never really went anywhere with it. It's like the actual projects of making clothes are too huge. Which is stupid. A basic skirt, if you're not a total moron, but not necessarily a pro either, should be a two- or three-hour thing. (Somewhat relatedly, chan? If I'm going to make your shirt-thing, I need to measure you!)

    Bead thing. While repairing my mom's beaded purse handle thing, I got the idea for a beaded hip-swooshy/belt thing. I figure I'm not going to find a hipscarf any time soon, but that doesn't mean I can't make myself swishy things to wear... right? So I came up with a vague design. I just need to buy some beads, figure out how to tie fishing line so it works, and get going.

    Knitting. It's so easy! And useful! And I keep forgetting how to do it! Argh!

    Dancing. I want to start up bellydancing again, but most of the places I've seen haven't impressed me much, apart from the course offered by the university's dance club (which is hard to get to after work) so that's kind of on the backburner. Something I want to do this summer though is sign up for hip-hop classes at the Y next door to our place. Although... I think that means I need to be a member. Boo.

    Cooking. Specifically, cooking lessons. With my mom. One of the things I got her for Christmas (I almost wrote "for breakfast"; so hungry) is the course calendar for one of the colleges that does the chef certification in town. I think she'd want to take French or Italian cooking, probably. Personally, I'm eyeing the Breakfast Breads course. I would probably learn more out of a general cooking course (seeing as how I can bake just fine, but can't cook anything, yo). But we'll see.

    Get more tutoring experience. I want to apply to teaching school next fall, damnit (does this seem very stretched out to anyone else? if all goes to plan, it means I wouldn't even start in Ed school till fall of 2006) and I want to be able to talk with some authority on why I think I'd make a good teacher.

    Possibly apply now (to a program in the States -- they have these rockin' hard-ass two days a week ones), if it's not too late. That would kick ass for many reasons, including that I could get started sooner, I could leave Workplace sooner, and that I'd be able to stop worrying about it.

    Do some form of stretching on a daily or more-than-once-a-week basis. I mean, the yoga and tai chi are awesome, but I'm not doing it nearly as often as I used to/should. And that sucks. I'm definitely keeping up with the tai chi though (although I've given up hope that I'll ever stick around for the Chan-style adaptation mini-lessons after class). I just... don't really seem to be doing any of it on my own. I've been (*cough* over the past two days) getting up earlier, in the hopes that I can coax myself into doing a yoga warm-up but... yeah.

    Learn about this "stock market" thing and/or money (mutual funds? investing? whah??) in general. If I want to move out, I need money to do it.

    Find a family doctor. I actually, I just haven't called her yet to a) check if she's taking new patients or b) book an appointment if she is. I should also call up my eye doctor and book time -- even if the exam is no longer covered by the province, Workplace will pay for a new pair of contacts (assuming I can get them before my employment ends). On the plus side, I'm booked to see a dentist in January. So I haven't been totally slacking... right?

    Finish my wretched excuse for a novel, already. And while I'm at it, the pillow cover for my body pillow.

    Join Workplace's floor hockey team. I need some active sport in my life. (Fencing is fun, but there's nothing quite like just running around for an hour or two to improve one's non-existent fitness. And no, I can't jog. I live in a city, damnit. And it's BORING.)

    Urhh... keep up with my diarying better? It's not just out of guilt either -- I mean, really, what's the point of keeping a diary unless you're going to document your thoughts/moodswings in it? That's really all I can think of for the moment though.

On a note completely unrelated to self-betterment (although it does fall under the Wishful Thinking category), how much do I wish I'd brought the remainders of my chocolate chip cookies to Work with me today? SO much. Boo. Damn this snack-craving sleepiness. Just wait -- in half an our it'll progress to innard-ravaging hunger. I don't get it, but it seems to happen a lot. Very weird considering I spend my day sitting on my ass. Bah.

It'll be weird to be at work in the new year and not feel drugged and tired due to actually having work to do. Weird and nice.

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