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December 29th, 22:06 | again with the ADD-shortened entry...

So my parents bought me this milk-frother-thing, and having just made myself my first cup of Frothed Ovaltine, I'd like to say that unless that thing comes with a manual I didn't see at first, I'm whipping my cream, milk, etc. with a fork, the way I used to do it, thankyouverymuch. That's right folks; a degree in computer science, licensed by the government as able to drive, and I can't figure out a latte frother. (Clarification: it's only got one button.) Shyeah, and you thought Canada was full of smart, liberal people. Ha.

Other than that, not much is up. I'm going through my yearly "Yes! The year is new, untainted! I can be anything, accomplish everything!" phase. Which is good. It's the first glimmer of energy I've seen in myself in about six months. About time. It's a good feeling, and even though I'm sure it'll all evaporate within a month or so... it's to at least be here. I'm trying to start good habits that I'll hopefully beat into myself.

We'll see.

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