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December 26th, 18:31 | so how are you?

Among the many, many things I feel I need to get done sometime soon, I include...

    -> washing the car before the salt eats through the paint (no really, it was black at one point)
    -> warping the back wiper back so that it actually makes contact with the glass when it's on
    -> faxing my insurance policy number to the new dentist
    -> booking an appointment with my optometrist (if I call now, they can probably schedule me for May)
    -> going shopping for beads (I admit that his is not nearly as important but it's for an idea I have, and if I'm actually to act on it, I'd best get it done soon)
    -> moving my plants back into my room so I stop forgetting about them
    -> going through my jewelry and sorting out the stuff I don't think I'll wear ever again and get rid of it. Now that I think of it, I should do that (for real this time) with my wardrobe too; I know I won't though

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