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December 18th, 16:02 | I'm not dead, just soulless

No, I'm not alright. I haven't been in a really, really long time. And now, with the whole world going insane and frantically finding beautifully-crafted gifts that express intimate personal sentiments in the mall, I just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate till January. When did the world destroy my love of this season? Maybe it's just me being cowardly because I didn't stick to my plan to do all my Christmas shopping in July. Maybe it's me being sad because I feel so insular these days, so cut off from people and the theme of the month is rubbing it in. If I could design my life, I'd live in the Microserfs world, with my friends and family all around me. We'd be together forever, always able to play, seeing each other all the time during the day.

Talking to ComicGuru last night, I commented that I felt so insanely boring lately. That even though I couldn't tell him what I'd been up to all week, I know I haven't had time for *anything*. It's stupid. His response to that was...

    comic_guru: no YOU're so FUN comic_guru: and HAPPY

Seriously. Is this how the unsuspecting folks of the world see me? Either I'm not nearly as sincere as I keep trying to be, or people are better at not seeing what they don't want to than I give them credit for. It amazes me sometimes.

I had more penetrating insight to share, but apparently my time as a shut-in has rendered me incapable of blogging with any kind of candor. Well, it's the being a shut-in, or the onset of ADD.

Thanks to last weekend's jaunt out east, or rather, thanks to catching a ride with one of the dons from my don team last year, I've spent this week saddled with a wicked sore throat. I feel fine, though possibly more tired than usual, but I sound like a frog. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever have my voice back. Apparently, according to one of my coworkers friends, however, I sound hawt in my current froggy state. Could it be that at long last (for the first time ever!) I have the coveted 1-900 voice that so many girls get when their throats transform into gooey bacterial spawning grounds? Well. If that doesn't brighten my "holiday season" right the heck up, I don't know what will.

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