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November 1st, 17:09 | The start of the NaNoWriming

A couple things I want to document; it's been a busy weekend. Firstly, though, I've totally come to the conclusion that people who work in sporting goods stores (at least in this city) are, by definition, assholes. Two SportCheks and one National Sport later, I still hate shopping for sporting equipment. And I need to go back for the other-way-leaning hockey stick and black tape, apparently. It just pisses me off that I'm totally trying to spend money in their stores and I leave there feeling like ass. I'm not one to be preaching good salesmanship or anything, but some basic customer service guidelines would be good.

Next up, I came to a realization over th weekend. As you would know if you'd been paying attention, my sister is getting married pretty soon. This is awesome, and I'm super-happy for her (although, admittedly, still in shock/denial, because it means that I'm Now Of Marrying Age (physically, at least)) I've always been a little sad that I don't know him that well. I mean, if you think about it, this guy is going to be sharing the rest of his life with my best friend -- I'd hope that the three of us (plus whoever else) would get to hang out a lot. This is going kind of slowly because he's pretty shy and I'm... sometimes a little hard to approach if you're shy. I'm not in any way trying to wrest her away in a "mine!" kind of struggle, but it's a little hard for me to join their clique, I guess. Three is always a much more awkward number than two. I still would like to be better friends with him though. Not necessarily "hey, let's hang out and watch Battlestar Galactica" friends, but, you know, like I'd have something to say on the phone or whatever.

Anyway. I've felt that way for awhile. So that wasn't such a big discovery. What did hit me -- and hard -- over the weekend, though, was that it was okay if we're not really buddy-buddy right now, and it's okay becuase he's going to be around forever. So we can grow a friendship, slowly, no hurry. The reason that this is suddenly okay (whereas before I wanted to be friends in a way to make sure that I trusted him) is because I can see the two of them as a unit now, and it's a strong, happy unit. Honestly, if there's anyone in the world who's skeptical about the lifespan of relationships, it's me. I don't assume that anything (that I'm not involved in) will last forever, so saying that does actually mean a lot coming from me. And it's a good feeling. So... looks like I've got to start compiling notes and embarassing stories to share with the families at the sister's wedding. As of this weekend, I can't wait.

The last point is about the novel. That's right, folks, the madness has begun. Haven't done any writing today because, you know, I'm an organization mastermind, but we'll see. I've got a lab tonight, and we'll see how inspired I'm feeling when I get back.

Peace out, yo, and stay classy.

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