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October 26th, 16:30 | I am stupidly susceptible to mixed tapes

So Homecoming Weekend was fun for simultaneously all the right, and all the wrong reasons. Right reasons include hanging out with people I haven't seen in a long, long time (including (in spades) my old housemate and her friend, some people from my floor in first year, some froshlings, etc.). Wrong reasons mostly focus on the fact that I spent the vast majority of the weekend with people I hadn't planned on spending that time with. Which is a good thing! The spontaneity is a super-huge part of what I missed about my life in the King's Town.

So what's all this to do with mixed tapes, you ask? I was given a mixed tape (my first ever!) and it's super-awesome. I can't believe how excited and squeaky I was all the train ride home until I could listen to it. I've been, ahem, rocking out to it essentially non-stop since then. And it's filling me with a kind of melancholy; some of these songs are really just achey. Still. So good.

Ahem. Right. More later. No really. I'll need to study for my midterm on Thursday, so I'm sure I'll be up for writing later... *sigh* It never changes.

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