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October 20th, 22:38 | I can't feel my legs -- I can't feel my legs!!

What's cool? Joining the intramural fencing team at work. What's also cool? Having a yoga class in my building. What's really not very cool at all? Going to my first ever fencing lesson, then showing up to my yoga class where my instructor decided that today's class should focus on butt and legs. Ow.

Other than that, things are just peachy. Oh, except for this lab report. Which, despite my extreme exhaustion (next big theme in reality tv? "XTREME XHAUSTION : When they're so tired they'll do ANYTHING!!") I've only just realized I really need to finish tonight. That way I can drop it off tomorrow when I go to class. Important since I'm not going home post-work on Friday, and will be in Kingston till Sunday. Hrmmm... guess it's a good thing I got a chunk of that out of the way yesterday. Clearly I've learned something out of my Crazy Student Years. Wonder if I've still got the Deadline Loometh! burst of stamina/focus in me.

Sleep tight, y'all. That's all that's motivating me to plow through this godforesaken report right now. O Sleep, how I yearn for thee.

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