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September 29th, 22:55 | Don't forget my rigorous plant-watering regime...

Alright, I think it's time that I admitted (publicly, no less) than my Summer O' Coupland has been rather a failure. I'm actually two books short of finish, and I'm a good way through All Families are Psychotic. Normally I'd plow through what's left, but I seriously have vanishing time these days. Check out my weeknights:

Monday --> labs every other week; 6:30-9:30
Tuesday --> tai-chi; 8:00-9:30
Wednesday --> yoga; 8:30-9:30
Thursday --> class; 6:00-9:00
Friday --> nothing... yet. I'm still waiting on intramural floor hockey and fencing at Workplace.

Now add to this the bi-weekly working until 7 Tuesday-Friday (with Monday off) and it looks a little crazy. Not quite enough? I'm trying to hook up volunteering with kids at the library on the weekend (likely early Saturday).

Do I think I can handle it? Maybe. Either that or I'm going to have a complete meltdown in a month or so. Quite honestly, though, I'm a little frightened. I mean, I'm bad enough at hanging out with people as it is; add in this enormously hard to work with schedule and I wonder if I'm going to see anyone at all until May. (Note: we all know how crazy I get without human contact, so let's all hope for the sake of my sanity that I fit it in. On the plus side, though, the constant interaction with my team is helping a little I think. I still feel a little lonely (they're awesome, but I wouldn't describe them as "kindred", for the most part) but it's nice to just be around humans who talk and joke with you.)

So... all that Workplace-related goal-setting? I'm still not ready to share. The thoughts are still coalescing in my head, and I'm not sure what shape their taking yet. I finally managed to get a hold of a former teammate who has since moved onto bigger and better parts of the company. While I was there on internship, she seemed to take me under her wing, quite certain that I was destined for bigger things than that job. After about four minutes of talking to her today, the same trend in conversation immerged. I have to say it's nice to have someone in the company there rooting for you and possibly helping you look around and not stagnating. I'm thinking of asking her to act as a mentor for me but I'm not really sure I should yet since... it kind of implies that I have some goals I need help achieving and, as we've established, I'm a little hazy on the goal definition just at the moment.

Still, I'm pretty much up to speed again (only took me a day! huzza!) and I'm feeling (or most likely imagining) some weird hostility from the other girl on the team, which sucks, because she's super-nice (and smart), if somewhat... plastic-seeming at times. We'll see. I'm probably just imagining it.

Because I'm me, and I love the superficial nonsense, I include this gem which by now, I'm sure, has graced far more diaries than anyone wants to think about.

Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles: Weezer*

Are you male or female?: Suzanne
Describe yourself: Undone
How do some people feel about you?: Butterfly
How do you feel about yourself?: Devotion?
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest/spouse: Only in Dreams
Where would you rather be?: Across the Sea
Describe what you want to be: No One Else
Describe how you live: The Good Life
Describe how you love: Falling For You / No Other One (can't make up my mind; thoughts?)
What scares you?: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

...and that's quite enough for tonight.

* "Weezer" refers to songs by aforementionned band before the Green Album. Good material only.

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