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August 17th, 08:41 | Have I mentioned that I now own a pinstripe suit?

This is the latest I've gotten up since I got back. Eerie. I'm liking the early wakey-up-ness though. I feel like I get more done in my day (debatable) that way. Also, since I've gotten back, I've awoken every morning in exactly the same position in which I fell asleep the night before. It's a little creepy, given how much I normally toss and turn. I wonder what it means? Dreams are still bizarre and colourful (predominant: greens and yellows) but less worrying. So that's good. In other news, Audrey II has aphids. So I'm spraying her with raid later today.

I have no idea when I lost (ahem, yes, "lost") my ability to write coherently or with some kind of attention to what someone reading might think, but apparently, it's all out. I suppose I just don't have much to write about. In a weird kind of half-daydream, half-dream thing yesterday someone was saying "yeah, well, I'll bet you don't have a boyfriend either" to which I replied "nope, and I like it that way!". This is weird to me for several reasons, namely that I really, really miss having someone to just ramble about my day at and ask about theirs. And other things. There are decidedly aspects of not being in a relationship that I appreciate though. Time. I have so much time for me. I feel almost guilty using it. And, oh!, the things for which I put this time to use!

    chia heads. I've had these two chia heads since before I can remember. But nowhere that I've searched in this whole city do they sell mustard or cress seeds. So short of buying an actual chia-thing, to get the seeds, there was no way I could give my beloved heads hair. Until now. I brought seeds back from England (along with some "growable, yummy sandwich sprout" things which I'm growing on a paper towel in the kitchen) and am watching my heads go through their medusa stage. I named them Bart and Lisa.

    collaging. I had bought a Silver Surfer comic book to cut up to make magnets, and I had a lot of it left afterwards. So I decided I would glue some all collage-y-like onto those paper magazine holder things to make it snazzy. I have one that I made out of a Froot Loops box, so why not jazz up my boring white ones too?

    mixed tapes. Between my stalker-themed mix, my "punk for newbies" mix and the "top 5 bands I think you should listen to" mix for PokerFiend, I'm up to my ears in playlists. Also, because I have no self-control, I am naturally acquiring more new music than I have time to digest. Bah.

There's other miscellany, cleaning the debris from the trip, swimming, yoga and settling into the idea of school and work in September. Mostly I'm just keeping busy. I get the feeling I'm trying not to think about something but... I think about all the stuff that scares me anyway. So what else is there to run from?

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