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August 14th, 10:07 | The cartoons sucked though

So this morning I kissed one of my houseplants. Also, my dad's been flipping between the Olympics, an infomercial on the Cayman Islands and Saturday Morning Cartoons for the past hour. ... Yeah, I think we need to start at the beginning here.

We got back from the UK yesterday and after a good night's sleep (finally!) I was up at 6 and good to go. (Eerie, I know. What's especially weird is that I kind of got used to waking up around 6-ish while in Ireland and this seems to have carried over to our time.) Anyway, so after a little shuffling around, I decided to go swimming, which was nice (36 pseudo-laps (our pool's short); I'm working on it alright), came back, and have been tending my plants and doing laundry since.

Surprisingly, despite 3 weeks without care or water, only one pot of plants (and they were mere spawnlings, the poor babies) died. Maybe it's not so surprising considering that in order to survive in this house you need to be a pretty hardy plant, though. Anyway, I am most impressed by the fortitude of my mom's orchids. I suppose that means I'll have to stop bashing them. But the point is that my most newly-acquired darling, Audrey II, was looking woefully bleeerrrrggghhh when we got back yesterday. I need to explain. This is a gloxinia that was on sale for $2 at a flower store, probably because the blooms were over and the leaves looked a little ragged. I took her home and took care of her and she rapidly grew out into this huge, leafy thing. Naturally I named her Audrey II. Since then she's flowered again (hugely; and the flowers are awesome purple with white bits) and I love her greatly. This morning, she was looking much revived so I talked to her and kissed her. Look, I'm jetlagged alright?

Other than that, things are okay. I finally found some mustard and cress seeds in England, so I'm prepping my chia heads for their hair (finally!) which I'm ridiciously excited about, and cleaning the debris strewn about our house.

Well. It's obvious that three weeks in the wild has rendered me as lively and fascinating as usual. How are you?

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