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July 19th, 09:29 | I just think... we're headed in different directions...

I meant to write a little while ago about how I felt the move back towards a paper diary. I'm not really sure why. Some part of the feeling that I'm spending too damn much time in front of pookie, some part that I want to start writing stuff that (for once) I don't want to share with the world, and some part that, honestly, is too lazy to keep up. Paper diaries you can flop around in bed, prop yourself up on a pillow and write in. (Although, on the other hand, it takes for fucking ever to get your thoughts down, due to lack of typingness. Hmm.)

I'm not really sure why, but the desire to blog is ebbing slowly out of me. I'm finding myself headed in the direction of introspection lately, although up until a couple days ago, I know I was too scared to honestly look at my life. It was too depressing. Happily my mom loves me and made me feel that, whatever worked out, things would be okay, if not awesome. I know that my current surge of energy ("and fuck it, I'm doing yoga every day!") won't last; they never do. But I figure if I harness it while it's there, something might come of it.

A shame I'm trying to build these routines now, just days before we take off for the UK huh?

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